Web Calendaring: Sync with Outlook via Google Calendar


Web Calendaring: Sync your calendars with Google and Outlook calendars

The web calendaring tool allows the user to schedule appointments and project deadlines as well as to keep track of pending tasks. One of the primary benefits found in using the web calendar tool is the increased level of efficiency that it lends to time management. Masterdigm CRM’s web calendaring tool has automated scheduling capabilities which can be customized according to the user’s need.

With Masterdigm CRM’s personal calendar, breezing through your appointments, meetings and other scheduled events with utmost ease is now possible! The power of time management and organization is made simpler through Masterdigm CRM’s web calendaring system. Marketing teams and project groups can collaborate with each other and plot their activities together. Plus, they can keep track of their project deadlines and share relevant and important information. Organizing company events becomes a simple task as literally everyone on board can access the web calendaring feature of the Masterdigm CRM.


To learn more about how Masterdigm CRM can help you manage your activities, simply fill out the web form below sertraline dosage.

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