Masterdigm Real Estate CRM has the ability to manage the Sales Process in a Real Estate brokerage.  With its internal reports and the ability to review all leads in the database, Masterdigm truly helps in the sales management process.


Sales Management with Internal ReportsEach salesperson has a set of roles and permissions that allows them to complete certain functions within the CRM system.  The marketing feature in the CRM offers the ability to create a Sales Management Process.  The marketing tab offers auto-responders, E-mail driven campaigns, newsletters, direct mail letters, and tasks.  We call it here at Masterdigm “Best Known Methods” (BKM). If an organization ensures that each and every lead is systematically touched in a predetermined fashion, lead conversion dramatically increases and so does sales revenue.  With Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate, you can ensure that your “Best Known Methods” are implemented and followed by everyone in the organization.


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