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30-day-trialWhen considering a real estate listing software one should consider the following software attributes.  First and foremost, the real estate listing software should be integrated with a real estate crm.  If its a stand alone application, then it’ll be hard to impossible to manage it for a team of real estate agents.  The listing software should sallow you to manage as many listings as you need.  To cap the amount is a red flag.


A list has been put together for what a real estate listing software should have.  It is as follows:


1.) The real estate software needs to be web-based.

2.) You should be able to manage your listing via an XML, CSV feed.

3.) Each listing should have its own unique URL on your own domain.  Do not have your listings on another website, e.g, an iframe solution.


Masterdigm Real Estate CRM software has an embedded real estate listing mangagement software application that allows you to share them amonst your office.  It acts similar to a MLS platform and has the ability to send our property listings via email.


To learn more about Masterdigm and its property listing abilities, simply fill out the webform below and we will contact you.  You can also sign up for a our 30 day trial.  Either way you win!


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