CRM ConceptReal Estate Lead Management Software is an ambiguous statement due to the fact that managing leads is only one part of the big picture. When considering real estate lead management software, you’ll want to determine the following:


1.) Is the software a web based CRM.

2.) Does the software allow you to share leads within your organization?

3.) Can you manage your emails within the real estate CRM and associate your client emails to their lead details?

4.) Can you control what people in your organization can do with respect to permission and roles?


Masterdigm Real Estate Lead Management sotware offers a Broker solution and an Agent solution.  One very important aspect in managing your leads is having webforms that automatically bring in the leads into your real estate CRM.  If you are needing to double entry your leads, you are working too hard.


Let us show you how managing your real estate leads within Masterdigm software will give you the winning edge you need.  Call us or fill out the form below to discuss your real estate lead management software needs.