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Each month, many Realtors get tons of emails letting them know about new or even old lead generation and lead capture ideas. Of course, many are for sale and can cost a ton of money in the long run without results.  Determining some lead capture ideas that work can be a daunting task.  To ease up that need, we have decided to give you some of the ones that seem to deliver results.

hand-drawing-light-bulb-idea-and-real-estate-smallYou can use these techniques to gain clients within the Masterdigm CRM platform.  Once you have the leads delivered into the platform you can manage them from start to finish.  One thing is getting leads in a cost effective method. The next is making sure you can close them within a reasonable timeline and with the least amount of hassles.   Using the customer relationship management platform can insure you get the best results possible.  Here are some time tested ideas to get you started:
1.  Use the Masterdigm crm platform to capture and manage leads coming from html scripts created within the Masterdigm CRM platform.  This is easy to do and we have provided you the video tutorials to get started. Within a few minutes you can have a great looking “call to action” advertisement which is embedded into a Craigslist AD page.  When someone sees the graphic they can click on the image anywhere in the AD and they will be taken to the page you want them to land on.  It’s that easy.   The best part is that Craigslist is not going to flag the graphic since it is not a common primary URL like the ones that so many people use.  An example of this is  So many people use photobucket for posting visuals ads on craigslist, that Craigslist know to look at the ad for flagging.   Since you are using Masterdigm’s internal image system, Craigslist does not see that systems images very often so they will not flag it.   Smart, isn’t it!


2.  Another great way to take advantage of the Masterdigm CRM System for lead generation is to use the web form creator offered in the CRM system.  You can instantly create web forms at any time and embed them into popular sites like Facebook, Google Sites, Blogs and Word press.  You can make the forms any way you want and take the final web form script and drop it into any “php” style site.  Anytime a person fills out the form the lead will be delivered right into the Masterdigm CRM lead repository.  You can then manage the lead from start to finish.  It’s that easy!  The nice part is that you don’t have to know web form coding to make the lead capture form.  Masterdigm CRM does it for you.   You can even have the forms’ “look and feel” be adjusted when you use one of the Masterdigm’s Virtual Assistants.  They can create the form to look the way you want it to look.

3.  Realtors often need a virtual assistant to help them plan a lead generating and management platform.  Masterdigm CRM offers virtual assistants who know the Masterdigm system inside and out.  They can get Realtor up to speed very quickly by adding the Realtors marketing material into the Email marketing platform.  So much stress is reduced by having others do the work, who actually knows what they are doing.  We have spent the time training our virtual assistants and they can an increase in profit much faster since they can implement any real estate agents marketing plan, quickly.   You can order a single hour of time or many hours.  That’s up to you. Use them when you need them and reduce your costs of skilled helpers by implementing your plan, effectively!

Masterdigm CRM is designed for Realtors, Mortgage Professionals and practically anyone wanting to capture leads from websites and social networks.  Our cost effective virtual assistants can help you speed up the lead generating and management process; or you can do it yourself. Add one of our beautiful custom made websites or use one of our premade sites and you’re on your way to getting your business to profitability.

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