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Real Estate CRM Reviews… What to consider when choosing a Real Estate CRM


Real Estate CRM Reviews:  When reviewing a Real estate CRM company, there are a few very fundamental aspects to be considered.  Here is afeature-icon-2 brief excerpt in my opinion as to what is most important:



person_with_ideas_written_on_blackboard1.) Web based or Desktop:  No question that a web based CRM is the only way to go!

2.) Email management:  Does the CRM allow you to manage your clients emails within the CRM.  This is “very” important.  For example:  A year later a prior client calls and asks for certain documents that you’ve sent.  With a CRM that allows email management, you simply type in their name and all emails are associated to the client.

3.) Property Management: Your listings should be managed within the CRM.  Now if you are able to connect to the XML or RETS datafeed from your MLS board, then feeding the properties into the CRM would be monumental.

4.) Search Engine Optimized websites built within a CRM:  If the CRM company offers SEO driven websites and the possibility of feeding the website with MLS RETS data, then this could be considered the Rolls Royce of CRM’s.

5.) Document Management:  If you are a Broker or managing your own team, then consider having the CRM manage all your documents that you need to share.  This way, when you hire new agents, the documents are readily available.

A little about Masterdigm real estate CRM (Review).  Masterdigm allows the ability to do what was mentioned above.  Masterdigm is a Real Estate CRM and a CMS(content management system). A CMS allows you the ability to manage your website(s) within the CRM thus allowing for quick blogging updates.

To learn more about Masterdigm, simply fill out the form below.

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