Real Estate Campaign Management


Campaign Management


The feature of Masterdigm CRM’s Campaign Management tool gives you the ability to plan your marketing cost and manage your marketing campaigns while assessing the effectiveness of performance and analyzing the results of such.
Masterdigm CRM allows you to break your campaigns into segments to capture high quality leads. With market segmentation, you will be able to reach target clients in less time through a single application. Client classification should be based on common interests known such as an interest in residential properties or commercial buildings. You can customize and refine messages and send them to specific groups.
Other features of Masterdigm CRM include auto scheduling of campaigns so that the emails are sent to destinations within the campaign time, personalization of campaigns wherein agents can add in personal notes that are relevant to the campaign before sending them out, tracking of campaigns so that a marketing action can be deemed successful based on measurement of key metrics like number of viewers and the availability of the campaign for use by all individuals in the company.



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