QR Codes in Real Estate Marketing 2014


Here are the top 5 ways to use QR Codes in real estate marketing in 2013:
1.   Make sure you website pages have QR codes tied to those pages. One little known technique is to use a QR Code Generator and have an assistant create unique QR Codes for each specific article you complete.  You can tie the article to a QR code sign up form for the mobile viewer to get more information on other properties in the area.

2.  Post a QR Code sticker on  free gifts , calendars, etc. so that people can instantly get to your website at anytime.

3.  Place a huge QR Code on the back or side of your car instead of a standard realtor sign as people will be curious and will point their mobile devices to your QR Code for capture.  Direct them to a Youtube video about your offer.

4.  I often see realtors add QR Codes to direct mail campaigns. A smart choice is to add them to OVER SIZED post cards and send them out to the neighborhood 4 times a year.   Each QR Code is a different seasonal offer  or a Seasonal Market update in mobile form.  Since so many people use mobile devices, why not deliver the reports to them in a youtube video using a QR code each quarter of the year.  You can have them opt-in to the mobile delivery of the reposts and then you have captured their most important number, their “Phone number”.

5.  One unique closing gift would be a QR Code plaque which provide basic city information for which anyone in the family could get instantly from the snap of a scan.  You could place the plaque on some easy to see location in the home so when the people move in.. they already have the city information they need at the touch of a scan.

There are so may uses for QR code scans.  As time goes by more ideas will be developed which are useful  and relevant to anyone’s lifestyle or business life.  Take advantage of the technology, its worth it in the long run.

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