Proper Lead Trackings Results in More Closed Real Estate Deals


Broker and Real Estate Agents!  Lead tracking and Conversion takes more than just using Outlook or an Excel Document.


If you are a real estate agent or a broker looking to understand how to properly track and convert real estate leads then look at Masterdigm Real Estate CRM. Tracking leads, lead incubation, and lead conversion is definitely both an art form and a science.


The first thing to consider when managing leads is to have a proper web form on your website that is tagged with the type of lead it is and where the lead came from (the source of the lead). Masterdigm has been designed to do this for you.  When real estate leads come from your website, whether it’s a Masterdigm generated website or your own website, leads will automatically enter into Masterdigm, kicking off an email marketing campaign of your choice. Masterdigm CRM will distribute the lead to your agent or to yourself to be ready for the next steps in your marketing and advertising campaign workflow. When the lead first enters Masterdigm CRM, the system will automatically send an email back to the lead as well as send a text message you or your agent(s).


Interested in these features? Simply fill out and submit the web form below or on this link below (Masterdigm CRM Demo) for your 30 day trial. We look forward to helping you to grow your business.

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