Project Management Software inside a Web-based CRM

Every task no matter how little can be considered a project.  The ability to manage all of your projects, for you or your customer, is important.  You don’t want to put up the For Sale sign on the wrong day or have the carpet cleaned before the plumbers arrive.  Managing all of your projects can be a daunting task if you have several projects going on simultaneously.  To make sure you are able to keep all of your business projects organized to minimize cost, stay on schedule, and keep your customers satisfied, Masterdigm has a built-in Product Management module available.

If you are looking to manage projects you may want to look at Masterdigm Project Management system.  Here’s another example of a project.  In the real estate industry, there can be several process steps in a given transaction – all which may need to be completed in order and within a specific time frame.  If each transaction involved 10 steps and you had 10 homes for sale and/or in escrow, that’s 100 steps or activities that have to be done.  It’s imperative for you and your customer’s satisfaction to get all of those steps done flawlessly.

In real estate, if you forget about one step, it can affect your business’ reputation.  Masterdigm CRM allows to manage your transactions as a project so you can ensure that the proper steps are followed.  Masterdigm also provides the capability to create project templates and share those templates throughout your organization.  By doing so, management can monitor and ensure activities are done by their deadlines.

The project management tab is included  as part of the Masterdigm Real Estate CRM platform.  So with Masterdigm, you can manage your leads, contacts, email marketing campaigns, properties, and your projects or transactions steps.

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