Keep Your Contacts Updated with Their Own Username and Password


Partner Management: Keep your partners updated at all times!

In the real estate industry, the way you handle your business partners is just as essential as the way you treat your clients and prospects. Thus Masterdigm CRM’s Partner Management tool was created to specifically address this concern. With the partner management tool, you will be able communicate with your colleagues and associates in a timely manner, keep track of their activities and share important documents with them in a blink of an eye!

handing-out-keysSurely, it is every manager’s top concern to drive more business to the company by forging alliances with other proactive companies and individuals. Acquiring and maintaining partners promote rapid growth within the company because marketing and selling can now be extended over a wider range. Masterdigm CRM’s partner management tool features can simultaneously increase productivity and partner loyalty.

Partner management for Masterdigm CRM is the one stop solution for all your partner communication needs. Today’s economic challenges propel more and more businesses to value partnerships, extending vital customer data to them in order to moving forward. Masterdigm CRM’s all around capabilities lets you do just that while giving full control of all business processes. Depending on the user access given, your partners can now view records and documents to manage their pipelines more efficiently.

Strengthen your relationships with partners by working more closely and securely with the group you do business with.

Enable your managers take the driver seat and give partners the resources they need to sell more effectively and avoid channel conflict. Managers and executives can easily access the channel information they need with a click of a mouse.

Partners can easily access leads, accounts, and contacts as well as collaborate on deals and locate all the information they need from one tool in order to be successful.

Interested in having your contacts get updated as well as your leads?  Sign up to Masterdigm for a demonstration.

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