Why Need a Real Estate CRM?


Why do Real Estate Brokers and or Agents need a Real Estate CRM?

Today, it’s imperative for Real Estate brokers and or agents to manage leads “effectively”.  Per NAR, Realtor.com, etc, it is stated that potential home buyers are starting 6-9 months on the web searching for properties before purchasing.  If this is true, then every lead you generate must be managed with the utmost care.  Question is:  How do you do it?

We all know that managing leads is an art form and a science.  It takes skill to manage leads, especially if they convert several months later.  The analogy could be something like an orchard.  It takes time for the orchard to produce fruit, but during the interim you need to cultivate and water to ensure a quality harvest.  The same analogy holds true with respect to leads.  Leads must be nurtured!  If you don’t nurture your leads, then your competitor will.  Bottom line is that you need a “system” to help manage the conversion process.  This is where a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software comes in.

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Masterdigm Real Estate CRM is a very well rounded real estate crm platform.  It includes search engine optimized websites, email marketing, document management, email management, property management and more.
To learn more about Masterdigm, please review and then sign up for a 30 day trial. No credit card is necessary.  If you would like to discuss your situation, simply fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly.
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