How to Add MLS, RETS onto Your Website (MLS Aggregation)

Add MLS Aggregation to Your Website to Rank Higher in Search Engines.



A multiple listings service (MLS) is a group of private databases which allows real estate agents to share real estate information on properties for sale, with the objective of marketing them more effectively. MLS’ are not only for real estate agents. Buyers can also use MLS to search for homes and properties. With more and more potential buyers checking the Internet when searching for a home, it is only wise for a real estate agent to integrate MLS Listings into their websites.

Masterdigm CRM makes it painless to incorporate MLS aggregation into a real estate agent’s website. Imagine giving consumers easy access to every database of every listing displayed in an easy to understand format. Whether the consumers are buying or selling, MLS integration benefits everyone. To the seller, it gives him/her the avenue to advertise the property to all the databases of the MLS. To the buyer, it allows for easily filtering and searching for properties that meet his/her needs. To the real estate agent, you will be able to provide the sellers you represent more effectively sell their properties and the buyers more properties to choose from. The bottom line is using MLS fully integrated into the real estate agent’s website will result to increased customer loyalty and higher sales conversion.



Learn more about how integrating an MLS into your website will help in the Search Engine rankings.

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