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MF Specialist


I wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to the Will2Design Team for an outstanding job done with my new website. As you know, I wanted to create a first-class website for real estate agents to visit and take the professional designation training course & exam for Multi-Family Specialist™.

The team at Will2Design began the process by listening to my exact needs, asking many detailed questions to key in on exactly what I was looking for and following up with me to ensure that all of my needs were met.

The team at Will2Design began the process by listening to my exact needs, asking many detailed questions to key in on exactly what I was looking for and following up with me to ensure that all of my needs were met. Tim Willis followed up with me weekly with a customized checklist ensuring that nothing was missed throughout the course of our many emails and phone conversations. Tim Nebergall also followed up with me on key details regarding the website. In just several short months, the custom website, www.MFSpecialist.com, was built to my exact specifications.

We will be launching our company nationwide in just a few months and our company can move forward with great confidence knowing that we have a professional, fully integrated and functional, easy to navigate website. I’d like to thank you all for your professional website design, fast responses, easy accessibility and on-time delivery of the site. It was a pleasure working with you.
It will be my pleasure to utilize your company again, as well as to refer all of my friends and colleagues to Will2Design in the future. Thanks again for your hard work and great efforts in building us a great website! Feel free to provide my name and phone number to anyone who may be looking for a reference in the future.


-Mike Minervini





I have been working on improving my web site www.castlerealtors.com for several years. I was able to get it to the top of all major search engines for Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. However, the site was not effective in capturing enough leads.

About 8 months ago I met William Jimenez, creator and owner of Masterdigm and he showed me a better way to capture, manage my leads and make more money.

First of all with Masterdigm I don’t have to retrieve my leads. They are automatically downloaded from my web site into the contact manager. I can manage all my leads, whether from my site or from other sources, all in one place. I can call, send emails or letters, make notes for myself, place reminders to follow up and more, all from the same page. The program also reminds me if I am late in following up.

If you’re looking for a great contact manager and a fantastic support system, call William Jimenez and sign up. I promise you won’t go wrong!

Because I get more leads than I can handle I share many of them with my agents or other Realtors on a referral basis. With Masterdigm I am able to see exactly what the other Realtors are doing with the leads I give them. If they don’t do what they’re supposed to I can just take those leads back with a click of a mouse. Masterdigm is definitely the best on line contact manager program I have seen on the market.

However, Masterdigm without its creator and manager would not be as effective. William Jimenez has been extremely supportive. He, not only took a lot of time to show me how to use the program effectively, but he also took time to help me re-do my web site to get prospects to sign in with all their information. He even showed me what type of language to use that would encourage prospects to sign in or call.


-Charles Mansur


Winsten Law Group


As a business lawyer who didn’t know anything website design and internet marketing when I decided I needed to create website and expand my marketing efforts to the internet, I conducted lengthy interviews with numerous website designers claiming to specialize in website and marketing for the legal profession before choosing Will2Design.

Initially, I was impressed with the great value they offered for their pricing, as well as their knowledge and enthusiasm, but also with the character of Will2Design’s founder, William Jimenez, and his staff.

Now that my website is completed and up and running, I am pleased to report that William and his team totally lived up to my initial impressions.

I’ve gotten somewhat buried with work and I’m starting to think I may want to turn off the PPC for a week or two until I catch up. I think that’s quite a statement of endorsement for our team work and your guidance and hard work on my behalf. Some of my avalanche is from old clients or old referral sources, but part is definitely clients straight off Google.
They were able to explain their recommendations and my options in plain English, while working with me and my staff in designing a website to best accomplish my marketing goals for my law firm.


They have delivered excellent results. I have received numerous compliments from clients, colleagues, friends and family on the design of my website.
But most importantly, Will2Design delivered on their promise to design a search engine and pay per click campaign and make sure my new website would be seen and read and would make my phone ring with new potential client inquiries. I have had an excellent rather quick response in that regard.


Internet marketing requires patience and an interactive process between the web design team and their client to determine what marketing campaigns work best and which are not worth pursuing, based on the experience of actual online results.


Will2Design has cheerfully and diligently worked with me and my staff as we received and evaluated our online responses to ensure the website and our internet marketing program runs smoothly while optimizing and enhancing its effectiveness over time based on our actual results and learning curve.

Of course, with any technical project there were some inevitable technical issues that arose, but the Chief Operations Officer, Tim Nebergall, made sure they were all promptly and professionally resolved.

I would highly recommend Will2Design, without reservation, for anyone needing a professional website design for marketing that will deliver results from a team that is not satisfied until their job is done completely, as promised, and within budget.


-Mike Winsten




Just thought you might like to know that your work and vision is being appreciated by everyone. I just spoke to a customer who said his college instructor gave him the task of finding a CNG company to sell them a system. The instructor told him to contact every company he could find but to make sure and contact CNG United, he said, “I visited their website and it looks like that company has it going on”. Thank you guys for doing what you do. I am creating job bids on a handful of request. Soon we will all be making money!

Humbly, – Michael Laub

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