Features You Should Consider When Choosing a CRM!

The Masterdigm© CRM combines ease of use with powerful functionality and secure data backup to make your Customer Relations Management (CRM) system highly efficient and effective. Your new Masterdigm© CRM will make it easier to convert your leads into sales with infinitely customizable pipeline status, lead type and data capturing, calendar, activities and “to do’s”, marketing campaigns, document storage, property listing, project management, built-in email, and other lead conversion capabilities.

The Masterdigm CRM System software is solely owned by Will2Design, LLC, and the initial fee includes setup and activation, including initial training, with monthly per user access fees.

  • CRM Dashboard

  • System Training and Support Features

  • Email Marketing Campaign

  • Document Management

  • Property Management

  • Email Management (Optional Function)

  • Report Management

  • Synchronization with Other Providers

  • System Security

  • Lead Management

  • Project Management

  • Features Exclusive at Manager/Administrator Level

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