Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Capture Pages


Manage Your Website Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Capture Pages

Masterdigm Real Estate CRM offers the ability to manage 100’s of landing pages.  This is useful for creating landing page A/B splits that help to test what keywords are best working for your business or allow you to have one page that focuses on a particular topic or product.  For example, if you are considering to do Pay-Per-Click comaign, you don’t necessarily want your home page to convert the visitor to a lead due to the many offerings on your home page.  Landing pages are great because you can focus on one keyword phrase and thus better identify and qualify your lead conversions and lead generation.


Now when creating landing pages or squeeze pages, it’s important to document what changes are made and run a test with several hundred samples sertraline 25 mg.   Once you know clearly that aparticular landing page is converting leads better than another, then remove the weaker landing page and create a new one.  Now you have let’s say landing page A, landing page C test.  Ultimately, you end up with a landing page that converts those who land on it to a highly qualified lead.


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