How to Make Pages Rank 1 in the Search Result

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Today, if your web pages are not ranking on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs), then you might as well just be talking in a closet, because no one will hear you.  Ranking number one for a given keyword phrase is of the utmost importance.  But what keywords are your potential customers searching for in your industry and specifically, in your local area?  Well, you may already know of keyword tools like Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker and others.  But using these tools is just the beginning.  Knowing what, how and where to use your keywords and keyword phrases is what is more important.


Rank 1 search engine - Search Engine Optimization ConceptLearn what it takes to start improving the rank of your pages with search engines.  The first step: Create a Microsoft Excel document that you call your “Master Keyword Document” and start listing your keywords and keyword phrases. This document should have a specific layout that will help you identify and manage the most one important thing on your website – the keywords that people use to find your business.  Your keywords are the words that you want to use in your webpage content and you want to use them often and on all of your webpages in various ways.  If you are not sure where to start, we have developed an Excel keyword document template that we will be glad to email to you.


To receive an email copy of our Excel keyword document template, fill out the form below and it’ll be sent to you automatically using the Masterdigm CRM platform.  Once you download the our Excel template and start identifying and logging your keywords, I will explain the next steps you need to take. Step-by-step, you can easily improve your position on search engine result pages.

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