Looking for a Real Estate CRM for a Mac and or IPAD?

mac_ipad_for_a_real_estate_crmLooking for a Real Estate CRM for a MAC or iPAD?  Many real estate CRM software applications do not render properly on a MAC or iPAD.  Certain functions such as drop down menus or calendar functions do not work properly on MACs or iPADs.  The Masterdigm Real Estate CRM was designed to function properly on all browser types, so you can get the MAC / iPAD CRM Software that you need to do your real estate business.  Apple hardware products are popular with real estate agents, so MAC / iPAD Real Estate CRM Software makes the perfect thin-client application.  All you need is a WiFi or Internet connection and your favorite browser (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) and you can have access to the most power CRM Real Estate Software application at your fingertips.  There’s no application to download with the Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate software application, because it is a web-based application.

Want to show off your real estate property listings to clients on your MAC or iPAD while showing homes or in the field?  Masterdigm’s Property module provides a tab that allows you to display all of your property listings including pictures.  From your MAC / iPAD you can send property alerts to your clients with real time photographs. Once they receive the notification from your MAC / iPAD, your clients will automatically be taken to your website – the client can even do this from their MAC or iPAD. This is much better than a Property gateway from your MLS board.house_on_ipad


Masterdigm Real Estate CRM features includes search engine optimized websites, unlimited webforms per each page on your website, Lead Management, Calendar (syncing with Google), E-mail (syncing with Google G-mail), Property Management modules, and more – all available on your MAC and iPAD.




To view a demo on how Masterdigm renders on a MAC or iPAD, please fill out the webform below and we will contact you shortly!

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