Learn the Top Real Estate CRM Features


Top Real Estate CRM. Learn the Top Real Estate CRM Features

When determining the Top Real Estate CRM, you need to consider what are you missing today in terms of lead generation, lead management, lead conversion.  This will help you determine what is considered a top real estate crm software.  I think there is not doubt now that a web-based real estate crm is the way to go.  But what other pieces of the CRM are mandatory.


Here is a list of what can be considered as top of the list of most import real estate crm features.

1.) Web-based. A top performing real estate crm is one that is web-based and no longer a desktop environment.

2.) Can manage emails within the CRM.  The top Real Estate CRMs will allow you the ability to manage your emails within the CRM application.

3.) Property Management: The Top Real Estate CRM will accept an XML or RETS data feed of your MLS board.

4.) Lead sharing within your organization: A top performing CRM will allow you to share leads amongst your organization yet segment the leads between agents.

5.) Document management: A top real estate CRM should allow you to manage your client’s documents as well as any documents associated to the property.  Imagine a year later a client calls you and you have all the documents at a couple of keystrokes.

To learn more about Masterdigm Real Estate CRM and how it does all the above and more, simply fill out the form below and we can show you why other offices believe that Masterdigm is the Top Real Estate CRM!


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