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A very important aspect of a real estate listing software is to manage leads in your database and matches them to properties that meet their saved property searches.  For example, you speak with your client and they would like a 3 bedroom, 2 bath Luxury home by the beach.  Now, Masterdigm Real estate crm software offers the ability that whenever a property matches their saved property profile, it’ll automatically send an email with the property.


This is a fundamental neccessity that it can’t be overstated.  When managing your real estate leads, you have to ensure you keep in touch with them. Now we all know, that it takes a lot of effort to consistently keep in touch with your database.  So, what is the silver bullet if you will?  It’s having a systematic lead nurturing mechanism.  Masterdigm Real Estate CRM offers just that.  Let me explain.Lead-Nurturing-Process


In order to keep a healthy database, you need to follow a certain amount of principals.

1.) Every Lead is on a Marketing email drip campaign:  When you have your CRM, you need to always keep your leads on some “tip of the week” type of marketing campaign.  I would suggest learning more on How to Lead Nurture with Email Marketing Campaigns.

2.) Every Lead has an Activity set up: Every lead in your database needs to be on your calander.  Not only do you have a marketing campaign sendin out materials, but you need to have a next step, i.e., a phone call, a letter, etc. to contact your lead.

3.) Every lead has a property email drip set up: A real estate listing software needs to give you the abililty to automatically send out properties that meet your leads saved profile.

If you can always ensure your database is touched using the above principals, you will have a much more successful lead conversion proccess.

Masterdigm Real Estate CRM is an enterprise solution.  Masterdigm can be used for a large brokerage and also for an individual agent.

Ready to learn more about Masterdigm?  Contact us below and we will contact you immediately.

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