Lead Share Amongst Your Organization with Roles and Permissions


Lead Share Amongst Your Organization with Roles and Permissions

Lead Sharing: Track Your Leads Once You Share Them!


Lead Sharing is an integral part in making your business tick. Why? Simply because working as one unified team enables your company to grow as an entity sharing the same ideals and goals. Lead Sharing increases sales productivity and enhances team play among the individual members of the organization.

In a CRM system, the inclusion of Lead Sharing into the management structure provides an effortless manner of sharing opportunity information among agents, ensuring effective handling of leads, maximum understanding of account status and relationships, and consistent customer interaction. Lead Sharing simplifies the process of collaboration and other relevant sales methodologies to ultimately boost business revenues.



bullet_highlightAs the number of leads and channel partners in a business grow, the rate of lost leads also increases.



Time and effort are key elements in managing leads such that manual allocation becomes a tedious process and initiates a lag in customer follow up, eventually resulting in a lost lead. The potential for a new sale is instantly thrown out the window. To complicate things further, your affiliate organizations may have its own method of lead management and reporting that does not necessarily complement with yours. Essentially, Masterdigm CRM helps in decreasing the ratio of lost leads through an effective lead sharing and distribution system.

In any business, a lost lead is always an opportunity lost. With Masterdigm CRM, you will never lose sight of your leads again! The effective lead sharing and distributions management is a fundamental tool for you lead management needs, optimizing your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.



Masterdigm Real Estate CRM allows you to share lead throughout your organization.  You can control who can delete, share, edit, and so on.  Consider Masterdigm Real Estate CRM for you lead sharing CRM platform.



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