Lead Management Work Flow Template for Real Estate Agents


Lead Management Strategies which Work

A Realtor Lead Workflow Template that Works:

I have been a real estate broker for over 28 years and I can tell you what managing leads has been a struggle in the past.  I don’t have issue now that I have been using the Masterdigm CRM lead management platform.  I quickly discovered that I could easily manage my leads from the first meeting or call all the way to the final walk thru and finally closing.  In fact, I even do post markting with my clients to allow them to keep up with the real estate market and local trends.   I use the internam marketing platform to get the proper messages to them and the right time.

If you need an easy way to keep in front of your clients no matter where they are in the lead workflow, this platform does the job.  I have my workflow setup like this :

Updesk | NEW | Prospect | Credit | PreQual | Showing Property | In Escrow | Final Walk-Thru | Sign Docs | Post Marketing | Bogus | On- Hold

I have found that when I move a client thru this workflow (from left to right) it is easy to get the job done and I don’t get confused.  For example: If I need to have a clients credit worked on .. I just place them in the Credit tab and contact my credit repair guy.  My credit repair guy liked it so much, he joined Masterdigm CRM and has his own account so that all my credit repair clients can have a relationship with him and he can simply pass on the client back to me when the credit is improved for a time of purchasing a home.

When the client is ready to purchase a home I place that client into  my “Prequal” tab.  I have an automatic marketing campaign which is triggered and the client gets a video series which I created and the get to understand the home qualifying process.  This speeds up the understand of what to expect when qualfying for a home.

We get the homebuyer on the street looking with us for the perfect home and then go into escrow.  Each time we move the client from when step to the next , we simply move them into another tab.  Instantly, we know how many people are in what status and that makes it easy to see the overall picture of progress towards closed transactions and profits.

If a client needs to be places on hold, we simply move them to that tab.  If the lead is a bad lead we just move it to the “Bogus” tab.

We have different markting campaigns which are less than 12 months old and we have them setup in the marketing section of the Masterdigm CRM interface.   If a campaign is longer than 12 months we have them geared up in the Mail Chimp email marketing integration which is available in as a popular feature tied into the Masterdigm CRM system.

When a client has closed a transaction with us , we can continue to email them real estate market updates, local happening or events and more. We are never out of the loop when we use the Masterdigm CRM platofrm.  It’s cost effective and extreemly robust with features.

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