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The fastest way to generate leads is thru a lead generation software.  There are paid versions of the software and no cost ways to generate leads thru the use of software. Whatever your case, Masterdigm CRM has a solution for you.  We offer a way for you to generate web forms which can be copied and paste into websites like WordPress, Joomla, blogger sites, craigslist, and others so that you can generate leads organically.

Once the leads are generated, they can be managed the a workflow tab solution, you can create in the Masterdigm CRM platform.  You are never stuck with some hard coded platform like so many other CRM solutions in the marketplace.  From there, you can kick off email marketing campaigns and information awareness campaigns to your clients or and even do long term marketing campaigns thru the Mailchimp.com integration.

Track your progress, monitor your clients status and work with your team to be  more efficient.  Conduct post marketing campaigns to keep your clients in front of you after the transaction to insure you maintain relationships and build referrals.

The Masterdigm CRM is a low cost solution for generating as many leads as you choose.

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