Lead Generation Process


What is exactly the best Lead Generation Process?  Well that depends on what you want to do.  Most real estate agents want the leads they collect to land in a systemized platform which allows them to flow the leads thru the systems for maximized results.  No matter if you are a buyer’s agent or listing agent, Materdigm.com CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a great choice for post lead capture results.

You want to manage your leads effectively thru the system of your choice in a a way which insure you get the best short term results. Of course you want to get the best results from leads which are not ready for full attention while still using your most current efforts to increase your monthly closing factor as time moves forward.  Most agents simply toss leads into a system and look at them from time to time.  The Masterdigm CRM system is much effective for current lead management as well as leads that do not have an immediate requirement.  You can use the following options to gain the maximum result when you do get a single or many leads in the platform.


The system is quite effective in:

1.  Video lead capture web pages.

2.  Document delivery to clients within the system.

3.  Lead Sharing within your organization.  The fact is that some people in your organization may be more affective in a certain type of lead, so, why not share leads to maximize results.  After all, buyer’s agents can get the leads of buyers, from listing agent and listing agents can receive leads from the buyers agents.  It’s a win /win.

4.  Email Marketing integration with Gmail, Emonkey and others.

5.  Systematic lead flow with triggers that work to engage the lead clients to take action.

6.  IPad, Cell Phone, lead delivery solutions and lead management.

7.  You setup your own lead panel for maximum results.  You label it your way!

8.  Website lead form scripts that can be dropped into other sites like Facebook, blogs and other sites.

9.  Craigslist lead capture creation for lead delivery into the Masterdigm CRM lead management platform.


You can set up the lead generation process the way you want on the Masterdigm CRM platform. Realtors, Mortgage professionals and practically anyone wanting to capture and manage leads can use this fantastic system.   There are over 100 different videos to watch within the system to help you at any time.  No matter what page you are using within the CRM lead management and lead capture system; we have made videos to show you how to use the system effectively.

Try using the virtual assistants within the Masterdigm CRM system as they know the system and have been trained to be a cost effective way to manage leads towards profit. Let them setup your platform for you and help you maximize results, today.   It’s a truly cost effective way to manage your leads and stay in front of your clients from start to finish.
It is important to have a lead generating process which get results.  The masterdigm CRM lead management system do the trick.  You can setup your lead flow the way you want too.  So, when you do, be sure to think about the type of workflow you want and then  write it down.  After you have clearly defined your lead work flow, you can create it within the Masterdigm CRM platform.  There are few lead capture and lead management systems which allow you for such lead flow, Masterdigm CRM does.  Take advantage of it.


This is just a sort list of the fantastic things that the Masterdigm CRM lead capture lead management and lead generating system can do for you.  New features and functions are developed on the platform, every day.  See the newest features, today!

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