Lead Generation and Lead Tracking Mindmap Seminar


In order to effectively work your leads, you have to understand how they were generated in the first place.   Leads are generated by using what is known as a “call to action” item on your website.  Depending on the number of call to actions on your website, you may want to handle them differently.  Masterdigm allows you to assign a lead type, lead source, and lead status to each incoming lead.  You should have a predetermined workflow created before you manage any of your leads, based on where the lead came from or what information the lead is interested in.  Once the lead is generated and entered into Masterdigm CRM, you should follow your predetermined lead workflow. Masterdigm CRM has the capability to set up lead management workflows so that you are able to manage and keep track of the status of each lead, set up activities or to-do actions relative to that lead, and remind you when a lead needs your attention.

Join us for a short webinar on Lead generation and Lead tracking.  Simply fill out our form below and we’ll notify you when our next webinar will be held.

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