Lead Conversion is an Art Form. Learn How to Convert!


How to Convert Leads into Sales



What is a lead?


define_leadWikipedia defines a sales lead as the identity of a person or entity potentially interested in purchasing a product or service, and represents the first stage of a sales process. There are several ways to generate leads – trade shows, fairs, business seminars, website inquiries, internet marketing, direct marketing, advertising, or cold calling. To qualify as a good lead, the prospect is first evaluated in terms of applicability, capacity and purchasing time.

What is lead conversion?


Simply put, Lead Conversion is the process of converting a qualified lead into a client. This may be preceded by or will eventually lead into an actual sale of products or services. Any revenue increasing transaction that occurs between a then-potential lead and your company places a Lead Conversion. The rate of conversion is usually the core essence of a business.

Are you converting your leads into actual sales?


lead_conversionMarketing success can be measured by the amount of leads that you have successfully converted into actual sales. Having a flock of potential clients coming in through your doors will be insignificant if not a single one of them will follow through with an actual business transaction, which is the most important thing. Your business will not thrive if you measure by the number of leads. Rather, the quantity of sales is the heartthrob of any given industry.

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