How to Guide in QR Codes for Real Estate


QR Codes in Real Estate. A How to Guide in QR Codes for Real Estate

QR Codes are easy to use in 2013.   The steps are rather simple and when you understand how to apply them for your business and personal life you will discover that they are very beneficial.    Here are some easy steps on how to use QR Codes:

1.  You will need an application on your mobile device that can ready QR Codes. Think of it as being a scanner which simple causes a light to scan any QR code to see what is inside.  You see, QR Codes allow you to view messages, texts, website addresses,  images, practicaly anything you want once you have the ability to scan the QR image.   If you own a Ipad or Iphone, just go to your App Store and seach for QR Code Scanner.  If you own a Android phone or moble tablet PC, you can go to the “Play Store” and do the same.  Choose anyone and download it to your device.  Know your ready to scan a QR Code at anytime.

2.  As a realtor you can create QR codes which help people discover you in many ways, learn about your properties and the current real estate marktet conditions. Just to a simple search on google for QR code generators and you will find dozens to choose for free.  Play around with some of them and choose one or more which meets your long term needs.

3.  Use QR codes in all your marketing and advertising.  Create plaques which have QR codes on them which you can place in a few spots on the home  when you close a real estate transaction.  Add your website logo at the bottom of the plaque and have the QR Code be the primary focus for the viewer.  Tie in a website page from your company which shows all the local emergency, utility and popular attractions for easy access.  You can be assured that a family will access the quick information, over and over again.

4.  You can place QR codes images in your email marketing campaigns within the Masterdigm CRM platform as your clients will have easy access to revelant and timely information with regards to real esate market conditions and local events.   Its a great way to keep your clients up to date.

5.  Add your QR code marketing in your Google plus account as well as Facebook, twitter (thru twitpic) and other social distribution platforms.

What ever your focus in real estate, QR codes are a valuable asset to allow clients to get to know you and your offer.

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