The Cyclic Nature of Real Estate CRM and Lead Management Software


There are very few constants when you are dealing with real estate CRM. For example it can go out of date very easily. That is why you need to commission lead management software that is flexible enough to deal with change. One of the challenges that you may face is the rigidity of the settings such that it is very difficult to switch to something else when you need to. In this article we consider some of the options that are open to you and the best way to approach them.

  1. Attaining macro growth: This is a situation where you are dealing with many complex relationships. For example your real estate CRM may be required to handle the existing client base and also provide statistical data for the regulatory authority. These relationships are both one-to-many and many-to-one. That means that you have to get a lead management software program that can deal with both volume and complexity. Likewise the people that are working within the organization have to change their methods in order to deal with the reality of their current situation. Overlapping relationships are particularly difficult to handle because they are prone to duplication and wastage. Generally speaking you will try to target customer support, product maintenance and internet communication. All this feeds into your marketing mix. A small estate agency might feel that the requirements are way too stringent for it to compete effectively.
  2. Micro engagement networks: It is not enough to think about strategy as you operate using real estate CRM. You have to also consider the inner workings of the organizations. For example the lead management software must make it easier for people working within the organization to communicate with one another. This is a fairly direct model that involves interpersonal relationships that are not as complex as the ones described in the first point above. It is possible for the actors within these relationships to negotiate for outcomes which they consider to be favorable in the circumstances. Moreover there is always the possibility of using this as a foundation to tackle other areas of the organization that may require some form of development over the long run.
  3. Governance and compliance: The first two points lay down the framework for working with the real estate CRM. You will then be given the task of ensuring that that various workers within the organization are living up to your instructions. A case of a failure is where the majority of employees are not using the lead management software that has been provided. Normally this happens if you have not undertaken sufficient consultation. Change is very worrying for the people that have been used to working in a specific way. Therefore they will try to come up with excuses for not complying with the model that you have suggested for them. Nevertheless a persuasive approach may yield some wonderful results in terms of improving the way that your organization works.

Finally you will encourage people to put their own stamp on the real estate CRM systems that you have put in place. For the most part lead management software is not supposed to be inflexible. This is something that the executive team has to take into consideration from the onset.

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