CRM Software for International Real Estate


Search for a CRM software is a daunting task, especially if you need it to help you manage your Internal Real Estate business.  Masterdigm can help you manage your leads by country, by agent, i.e., however you need to segment your data.  Let us know what languages you need the CRM in and we will work with you to incorporate them not only into the CRM but also onto your website.   Now, one question other offices have asked for is to have the website in different languages without having to use Google Translate.   If you want you website to be in different languages without using Google Translate, we have a solution for you.


From our experience, when you are dealing internationally and especially in real estate, you will want your data segmented based by country or by a user who manages certain countries.


Contact us below or via Live chat so that we can help you further on managing your International real estate business.

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