A Real Estate CRM for Professionals!

combines ease of use with powerful functionality and secure data backup to make your Customer Relations Management (CRM) system highly efficient and effective.

Real Estate CRM

A CRM system for the real estate industry or a real estate CRM system

Custom Websites

Highly search engine friendly websites and customized for your needs.

Lead Generation

Capture consumer interest and channel it to services and/or products you offer. There are multiple strategic approaches as to how these can be done.

Single Property Sites

Real Estate brokers and agents, have your own dedicate property websites for your listings.

Work Automation

Get notified by project statuses, tasks and schedule reminders via email or on your mobile phone. Manage your client database on the go…whenever and wherever.

Responsive and mobile friendly layout

Real Estate Website, Single Property Sites, Email Marketing Service, Search Engine-optimized, Mobile-friendly


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Single Property Sites

Free Single Property Sites for Brokers and Agents!
Property Marketing – Single-Page Property Websites for Real Estate Agents

Masterdigm is proud to offer FREE Single-Page Property Websites for the Real Estate Industry. We feel that these property pages will not only help you build your Internet Marketing, but also start building a base of sites which if done right, can help you increase Internet traffic to other websites you own.

f you are considering using a Single-Page Property website, you may want to consider a few possible options. First, are they FREE? In real estate, we all know that marketing and advertising expenses are costly and can add up over time. FREE Single Property sites are a great way to create a marketing strategy and go after clients that want to sell their homes. In fact, you can use them for Pay-Per-Click campaigns as well.

In my experience, I have found that a lot of the single-page property sites out there today say they are search engine optimized, but they do not have any on-page factors to speak of. So, how can they claim to be search engine friendly – they seem to be more search engine friendly to their advertisers than for your property. The other issue I see with Single-Page Property websites is that the URLs used for the property page is not search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

We want to be your search engine marketing services company.
  • Search Engine Marketing Services

    We understand that there is a lot of information out there on the internet about search engine marketing services and I think it’s important the we clarify things. All this talk about search engine optimization articles, internet marketing tips, search engine optimization, paid search marketing and a lot of search engine optimizers seem to want to obscure things further and cloak these search engine marketing tips in layers of html coding and technical jargon.

  • Search Engine Marketing and the World Wide Web

    What I want you to focus on a second is thinking about: “What can search engine marketing services do for my company?” Imagine, a sea of possible clients, billions of people anxiously awaiting their shot at the PayPal© button. These are your target audience, the world wide web.


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