Creating Unique Mobile Webforms for Ipad and Tablet


smartphones_smallLead generation of today can be easier than ever with mobile technology.  If you’re a realtor, mortgage professional or other business person who needs to gather web form style information quickly and easily, we have a solution fo you.  Masterdigm CRM already has the ability to create unique and individualized web forms which can be embedded into Facebook, WordPress, Joomla, blogging sites or any other site which allows php embedding and now they have come up with the ability to allow web forms as single book mark pages on mobile devices.


Mastedigm CRM has the unique ability to allow anyone to make their own web forms and take that web form code and embed it into our pre-design web form skins made for mobile devices.   This new feature allows you to have your “READY MADE” form available anytime on you tablet pc, ipad, or smart phone for easy access.


You can use your ready made for in many ways:

Tablet_with_woman1. Have the mobile web form available as a casual way to take names, mobile phone numbers, emails addresses to build up your general contacts database.


2.  Make several mobile web forms be specific to various type of clients you serve.  For instance, you can have one for 1st time homebuyers and one for luxury home buyers.  Additionally, you can create a mobile web form for home sellers.


Each of the mobile web forms (when filled out) can trigger a marketing campaign specifically designed for that person.  You can bookmark each mobile web form on your tablet pc, ipad or smart phone and have it instantly ready for easy access as a form fill application and instant marketing solution because you can tie the form fill with any email marketing campaign you choose.


So, for example:

1.  You’re at a street fair and have a booth to have interested home buyers and home sellers talk to you about their need.  Well, you can now add them to your web form on your mobile Ipad, tablet pc or smart phone and “hit send”.  Once done, you can start an instant email marketing campaign which can include videos, colorful emails, call to action pieces and more.  It’s that easy!


2.  Perhaps you at an open house and talk to couples or individuals who are looking for a home for purchase and have no representation. You can take down their information and start an email marketing campaign the moment they leave the home.


Credit Card3.  You’re at the store picking up some groceries and you meeting a person at the checkout that is looking for a home. You discover that they have marginal credit from your speaking with them.  You can pull up your web form which is geared towards people with “less than perfect credit” and put their basic information in the web form, select the proposed current credit status and hit send.  You now have the information to help them get started in cleaning up their credit.  You instantly trigger an education series on credit and push the lead to your credit restoration professional.  Within months, you are showing them homes and closing another deal.


There are so many benefits to using the individualized and unique Masterdigm mobile webworms’. Give us a call to discover how you can use them.

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