How to Create Your Website Structure


When creating a website, you need to first sit down and understand how the site will be laid out.  You can’t expect to slap a website together and hope that it’ll rank in the search engines.  When I refer to website structure, I also refer to the quality of content.  Remember, “quality content” is the key to a successful website.  If you write your content to help others, then you’ll have a higher conversion rate, thus more sales.


So when laying out your site, you would use the Microsoft Excel document that I had created in the first step of this process.  If you haven’t done so, then go to the page called:  How to Make Pages Rank 1 in the Search Results.


Once you have that document, then you need to watch this simple but very effective method to laying out the foundation of your website.  Note: Once the website is fully optimized, then the rest of the time to do off-page factors such as link building, social networking and so on.

Watch the video below which contains some great advice from Google.



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