How to Manage Contacts in Your Real Estate CRM


Finding contact information has never been this straightforward!



With Masterdigm CRM’s Contact Management tool, you can be sure to reach your clients, business partners, and agents on time! The Contacts Page is clutter free and streamlined, making way for trouble free navigation.


With Masterdigm CRM, you can keep all your contacts in one place so that you will have no trouble locating every single one of them. The contacts list is accessible to all Masterdigm CRM users and agents, allowing information sharing across the board, while also simplifying up-selling and cross-selling processes. This gives you a 100% view of all agent and client activities including purchases, requests, appointments, and other service related issues. Private messaging capabilities among all users also make Masterdigm CRM exceptionally helpful.

Masterdigm CRM’s contact management tool lets you classify your contacts into specific categories, such as “Partner”, “Client”, “Agent”, or “Prospect”. Personal details can be added to the contact information and conversations that the client had with you or any member of your team can be logged in for easy recall. In the same way, personal notes, activities, and to-do lists can be added to the contact profile and can be accessed by the team. Email notifications can be set up for important reminders such as birthdays, meetings, and appointments.

All these benefits come to light in the endeavor to improve customer, partner and team communications, and relationships. The contact management tool is a blended solution of every possible communication effort within the company such as customer, lead, referrals, and agent tracking; sending and receiving of notifications and broadcasts via email; viewing contact summaries and reviews; tracking customer and agent activities, transactions, and opportunities; and accessing dialogues between customers and agents.

Masterdigm’s approach as a Contact Management Tool

Enables you to build and maintain contact data to facilitate collaboration and communication across your organization. Customize the information you capture and the views you create so that it matches the way you do business.

Define parent-child relationships between contacts to depict account hierarchy. Track all key relationships at a client account.

Define all the people at your company involved in managing an account, along with their respective roles. Save time with automatic team assignments.

Define all the people at your company involved in managing an account along with their respective roles. Save time with automatic team assignments. Track and manage relationship with individual clients.



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