Contact Management Software for Multiple Real Estate Agents

If you are considering a Contact Management Software, i.e, Real Estate CRM, for managing multiple real estate agents, then you need to consider a few points:


Permissions and Roles1.) Permissions and Roles:  If you are a broker or business owner, then you will want to control what supervisors, agents, assistants can do.  For example, do you want to deny the ability to delete leads in the database or allow the ability to delete them?


2.) Transparancy: What amount of transparancy do you want to see within your organization?  If you are giving 100% of your leads to your agent base, then you may be considering to see every lead within the CRM and that last action that has been performed on the lead.


3.) Multple Websites?  Do you want your agents to have their own website within your organizational structure?  This can be a BIG opportunity to own hundreds of real estate websites within your organization and basically lease them out to you real estate agent base.


Masterdigm Real Estate CRM is a full contact management software allowing the ability to manage multiple real estate agents.  Contact us to discuss your needs list.  Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.  You can also sign up for our 30 day Real Estate CRM evaluation.

Lastly we had put together the 33 things to consider when choosing your next Real Estate CRM.  Feel free to let us know how it has helped you out.

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