Gary started as a Realtor® in 1987 and has been using and teaching Real Estate Contact Management / Real Estate CRM ever since.
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This Web site is a wealth of information for Realtors® licensees about Real Estate specific contact management software. It remains free through your patronage. Purchasing these contact management software programs here, rather than purchasing directly from the provider's sites, enables me to support it.

Meet Gary David Hall

Gary David Hall became a Real Estate Agent in 1987, and has been in the industry ever since. Gary has been "in the trenches", and speaks your language. Gary's clients often qualify him as being able to teach so that they understand, without a lot of technical jargon. He knows exactly what it's like to sell Real Estate, and that is why his training is so much more relevant and insightful, than someone that was never a top producing agent. Just ask his clients. His last 4 years in Real estate Sales, Gary did 147 sides. Having just come from a background as a computer technician, and then a computer operations manager, he was able to put many automated systems into practice. When it became evident that the industry needed the technological efficiency he used in his personal business, he decided to share that knowledge with other real estate professionals. So he founded RE-ACT (Real Estate Automation, Consultation and Training) in 1999.

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