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Today, having just a website online for your company or business is not going to make it. Just a few years ago, brochure-type websites were the norm. This is not true today. Due to fierce competition, the average website owner is faced with many challenges of successfully managing and maintaining a company website.


When setting up your website, the following typical issues need to be addressed:

  •     How to promote and manage brands?
  •     How to extract listings and MLS aggregation?
  •     How to integrate lead management activities into the website?
  •     How to update the website with content without learning HTML or PHP?
  •     What web solution features are considered the most important in having an online presence?

These issues are constantly nagging non-technical website owners. The answers to most of the questions above require technical solutions and the more technical the questions become, the more insurmountable they seem to the average businessman.

Masterdigm offers technical services which address all of the issues above and more. Partnering with Masterdigm is like hiring a dedicated team of experts in web design, programming, graphics, content writing, and SEO, at a fraction of the cost of hiring them individually.

Masterdigm’s Web Solution Features

Masterdigm's Web Solution FeaturesMasterdigm understands time is critical in every online campaign. Delays encountered in putting a website online are opportunities lost forever. With Masterdigm, all of the hard work has already been done for the website owner. Hundreds of design templates are available, ready to be activated at a moment’s notice or a customized design can be developed by its team of web designers and graphic artists. Either option assures that the website that is pleasing to the human eyes and the search engines alike.

Using an open source solution, a new feature or module can be integrated into the website easily. Modules are scripts that extend the functionalities and capabilities of the existing website. Some examples of modules are setting up polls and surveys, displaying an analog clock on the web page, showing the number of users online, managing site subscribers, integrating a chat script and many more features. With Masterdigm, introducing new features to the website is done quickly and seamlessly.

For agents in real estate or auto insurance, Masterdigm has hundreds of pre-designed websites specially tailored for your agents. Real estate agents can have their own fully functioning sites with IDX integration. Sites for auto insurance agents will be integrated with WEB FSC. A good example of an auto insurance website which was designed by Will2Design and Masterdigm is On top of all the top notch cutting edge technologies Masterdigm provides, an agent has the option to use the built-in blogging platform making the site highly content rich and interactive.

Flash is not only videos. In expert hands, Flash can create incredible animation, exciting interactivity and visually stunning elements in a website. However, for the amateur, anything can go wrong: menus become unnatural, confusing or unintuitive; pop-ups are used in irritating proportion; pure Flash implementation makes the site un-navigable by the search engine crawlers; and a myriad of other ways to err in using Flash. With its team of Flash animators and experts, Masterdigm can relieve the website owner of the headache and pitfalls of having a Flash implementation that can go disastrously wrong. Masterdigm understands that, to stand-out from the crowd, a website needs to be visually appealing and stunning and blend perfectly well with all the website elements. In Masterdigm’s expert hands, this becomes a reality.

Graphics CreationAs in Flash, website graphics can also go ugly if not handled properly. Creating graphics, like a logo, requires a lot of imagination, creativity and the technical know-how to develop the graphics from idea to reality. Taking shortcuts like copying a free clipart or downloading from Flickr will not serve the website well in the long-run. There is also the right and wrong way of combining colors. An inappropriate color scheme applied to a section of a webpage will ruin any website. Real graphic artists have studied and perfected color theory in graphic and web design and this should not be taken lightly. If website owners think developing quality website graphics is complicated, it really is. Masterdigm’s graphics designers can make a website attractive, stand-out from the rest, and support any web business’ bottomline by increasing its conversion and sales.

A website, with all the necessary features and modules, attractive templates, stunning videos and exciting graphics, will still fall short of its intended objective of making a sale if it does not reach its intended audience. Search Engine Optimization allows any website to reach out to its target visitors. From keyword research, on-page optimization, backlink building, to Pay-Per-Click advertising, Masterdigm can provide a wide array of SEO services customized to the needs of each business to enable the website to generate more traffic, more sales to spur business growth.



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