Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Capture Pages

Manage Your Website Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Capture Pages Masterdigm Real Estate CRM offers the ability to manage 100’s of landing pages.  This is useful for creating landing page A/B splits that help to test what keywords are…

Website Webform Generator

f you are looking for a simple web form generator, Masterdigm CRM offers the ability to create a web forms and tag it with the source, status, and type of lead it is.  When tagging the web form, an automated marketing campaign would be kicked…

Simultaneously Manage Several Real Estate Websites

f you are a broker and are looking to offer websites to your agents, Masterdigm CRM allows you to own and distribute these websites to your agents.  You have the ability to own several websites, one for each agent, and have each agent receive…

Learn More About Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Content Management Solutions (CMS) ot everyone knows HTML or PHP. Not everyone has the skill to design and create websites. In the early days of the Internet, websites were the turf of the geeks. When content management systems were introduced…

Affiliate Franchise Website Replication Management System

f you are a real estate broker and you are looking for a system where all your franchises can share properties, leads, etc., then you'll want to ask about our Masterdigm Real Estate Replication CRM system.  Masterdigm can easily allow you to…