Lead Management is an Art Form and a Science

Masterdigm's Approach as a Lead Management Contact Management Tool o matter what the size of your business is, Lead Management remains an integral part in forming your revenues. Without proper lead management, your potential clients get lost…

Lead Management Work Flow Template for Real Estate Agents

Lead Management Strategies which Work A Realtor Lead Workflow Template that Works: have been a real estate broker for over 28 years and I can tell you what managing leads has been a struggle in the past.  I don't have issue now that…

Learn How to Lead Generate Off the Web!

Creating in-bound links is the number one most important thing you can do to generate leads!   f you are looking to generate leads from the Internet, you will need to understand why people are searching the Internet.  Bottom line,…

How to Manage Your Customizable Lead Workflow

he Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system allows you to take control of your process by creating a fully customizable workflow.  We realize that each real estate company likes to manage their leads differently and so we build Masterdigm with that…

What Real Estate Lead Management Software Should I Use?

Real estate lead management software allows you to manage your real estate leads.  What does this really mean to you?  If you have a real estate office or real estate agent, you typically will have potential customers contact you for one reason…

Real Estate Lead Management System

real estate lead management system is very crucial in today's Internet marketing world.  You can no longer manage real estate leads in an adhoc fashion but only by the use of a lead management system.  What parts of a real estate lead management…

REST Compliant XML Programming with Masterdigm CRM

If you have many lead sources that you are working with and you need them entered automatically into your real estate CRM, then consider Masterdigm's REST compliant XML schema. You can find the service for the import here: https://www.masterdigm.com/webservice/import/file Please…