Multi-user User Account Management

Secured Multi-tiered, Multi-user User Account Management with Email and Calendar asterdigm Real Estate CRM offers the ability to create roles and permissions for people in your brokerage or agency.  Each manager, supervisor, real estate agent…

Lead Management is an Art Form and a Science

Masterdigm's Approach as a Lead Management Contact Management Tool o matter what the size of your business is, Lead Management remains an integral part in forming your revenues. Without proper lead management, your potential clients get lost…

CRM Solution for Brokers and Agents

A Real Estate Short Sale CRM Solution for Brokers and Agents anaging your real estate short sales is quite difficult if you are not using a Real Estate CRM contact Management software solution.  Within the real estate short sale CRM solution,…

Manage All Your Documents and Share Them with Your Organization.

Document Management built into Masterdigm CRM. Make Your Documents Public or Private. aving a paperless system does not necessarily imply that all your stored documents are in place and are well-organized. Document management is simply the…

Lead Management Work Flow Template for Real Estate Agents

Lead Management Strategies which Work A Realtor Lead Workflow Template that Works: have been a real estate broker for over 28 years and I can tell you what managing leads has been a struggle in the past.  I don't have issue now that…

Lead Share Amongst Your Organization with Roles and Permissions

Lead Share Amongst Your Organization with Roles and Permissions Lead Sharing: Track Your Leads Once You Share Them!   ead Sharing is an integral part in making your business tick. Why? Simply because working as one unified team enables…

Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Capture Pages

Manage Your Website Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Capture Pages Masterdigm Real Estate CRM offers the ability to manage 100’s of landing pages.  This is useful for creating landing page A/B splits that help to test what keywords are…

Website Webform Generator

f you are looking for a simple web form generator, Masterdigm CRM offers the ability to create a web forms and tag it with the source, status, and type of lead it is.  When tagging the web form, an automated marketing campaign would be kicked…

Real Estate Campaign Management

Campaign Management   The feature of Masterdigm CRM's Campaign Management tool gives you the ability to plan your marketing cost and manage your marketing campaigns while assessing the effectiveness of performance and analyzing the…

Choosing A CRM Solution Right for You!

Implementing Customer Relationship Management software could just be the answer to your business woes. If you are experiencing a slack in positive customer response and productivity, what you might need is sound software with effective application…

Real Estate Property Management Software

n dealing with a real estate property management software application, it's important to understand your long term goal.  Due to the various real estate property management software applications in the market, you should have a list to determine…

Capture Website Leads Without Double Data Entry

he Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system offers the ability to add web forms throughout your site so that a lead can automatically flow into the CRM and kick off an assortment of campaigns. Each web form can be made to specifically address the…

Simultaneously Manage Several Real Estate Websites

f you are a broker and are looking to offer websites to your agents, Masterdigm CRM allows you to own and distribute these websites to your agents.  You have the ability to own several websites, one for each agent, and have each agent receive…

Real Estate CRM -Web-Based Contact Management Software

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Real Estate CRM System There are several companies that sell contact relationship management systems (CRM systems).  But, not very many of these companies have developed their CRM system specifically…

The Basics of Document Brand Management Solutions

Brand Management Solutions   usinesses, big or small, are perpetually endeavoring to establish brand loyalty nowadays. With increasingly competitive and fragmented marketplace, succeeding means reliability and consistency in conveying…

How to Lead Nurture with Email Marketing Campaigns

f you are interested in learning how to nurture your leads using email marketing campaigns, then its not that important exactly what you say, but more so on being consistent in sending out a periodic email. Masterdigm CRM offers the ability…

Learn How to Lead Generate Off the Web!

Creating in-bound links is the number one most important thing you can do to generate leads!   f you are looking to generate leads from the Internet, you will need to understand why people are searching the Internet.  Bottom line,…

Learn the Top Real Estate CRM Features

Top Real Estate CRM. Learn the Top Real Estate CRM Features hen determining the Top Real Estate CRM, you need to consider what are you missing today in terms of lead generation, lead management, lead conversion.  This will help you determine…

Best Software for a Real Estate Office

Searching for the best real estate office software application will take you some time.  There are various real estate office software platforms.  Some our web based and some are desktop versions.  When considering some type of real estate…

Gmail Outbound Sending Limits

Here is the sending limits of Google: n an effort to fight spam and prevent abuse, Google will temporarily disable your account if you send messages to more than 500 recipients…

Lead Conversion is an Art Form. Learn How to Convert!

How to Convert Leads into Sales     What is a lead?   Wikipedia defines a sales lead as the identity of a person or entity potentially interested in purchasing a product or service, and represents the first stage…

How to Manage Contacts in Your Real Estate CRM

Finding contact information has never been this straightforward!     ith Masterdigm CRM’s Contact Management tool, you can be sure to reach your clients, business partners, and agents on time! The Contacts Page is clutter…

Keep Your Contacts Updated with Their Own Username and Password

Partner Management: Keep your partners updated at all times! n the real estate industry, the way you handle your business partners is just as essential as the way you treat your clients and prospects. Thus Masterdigm CRM's Partner Management…

Learn More About Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Content Management Solutions (CMS) ot everyone knows HTML or PHP. Not everyone has the skill to design and create websites. In the early days of the Internet, websites were the turf of the geeks. When content management systems were introduced…

Affiliate Franchise Website Replication Management System

f you are a real estate broker and you are looking for a system where all your franchises can share properties, leads, etc., then you'll want to ask about our Masterdigm Real Estate Replication CRM system.  Masterdigm can easily allow you to…

Web Calendaring: Sync with Outlook via Google Calendar

Web Calendaring: Sync your calendars with Google and Outlook calendars The web calendaring tool allows the user to schedule appointments and project deadlines as well as to keep track of pending tasks. One of the primary benefits found in using…

Sales Management with Internal Reports

Masterdigm Real Estate CRM has the ability to manage the Sales Process in a Real Estate brokerage sertraline medication.  With its internal reports and the ability to review all leads in the database, Masterdigm truly helps in the sales management…

Real Estate CRM Reviews

Real Estate CRM Reviews... What to consider when choosing a Real Estate CRM REAL ESTATE CRM REVIEWS eal Estate CRM Reviews:  When reviewing a Real estate CRM company, there are a few very fundamental aspects to be considered.  Here is…

How to Integrate Proper Lead Management Techniques

Learn What Takes to Manage Leads in Your Lead Management Pipeline! Lead Management is a series of smaller tasks linked to the proper handling of client leads. If broken down into segments, it begins with lead generation followed by lead segmentation,…

Web-based Real Estate CRM Marketing Platform

Masterdigm CRM's Integrated Approach to Internet Marketing Indeed it has been proven time and again, that effective marketing is one sure fire way to boost sales performance and revenues. Sales and marketing go hand in hand simply because most…

Real Estate CRM Featured Solutions : Masterdigm CRM

Featured Solutions     n the business environment, it’s imperative to keep in touch with your client base. Before, it might have been you need to touch bases a couple of times during the sales cycle. But not now! So, how…

Real Estate Best Practices using a CRM

Best Practices The onset of CRM services in recent years has brought about the realization that CRM deployment is definitely a key element in organizational success. Studies show that the companies who have integrated CRM solutions into their…

Real Estate Listing Software

When considering a real estate listing software one should consider the following software attributes.  First and foremost, the real estate listing software should be integrated with a real estate crm.  If its a stand alone application,…

What Application Solutions Does Masterdigm Have for Generating Sales?

Masterdigm CRM's approach to lead management gives value to sales leads, before anything else. Sales leads are of major importance because it is essentially the lifeblood of any company. Without sales leads, there will be no opportunity for…

Real Estate Management System Management Software for Real Estate

Real Estate Management System for lead Generation and Property Management. Should you been looking for a real estate management system for lead generation and property management, Masterdigm may be the choice for you.  Individuals, small business…

The Ins and Outs of Real Estate Marketing!

Real Estate Marketing   eal estate marketing has changed from offline marketing which is considered Direct mail, Postcards, Farming an area, to now online Internet marketing.  As it is well understood, the majority of home buyers…

How to Manage Your Customizable Lead Workflow

he Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system allows you to take control of your process by creating a fully customizable workflow.  We realize that each real estate company likes to manage their leads differently and so we build Masterdigm with that…

CRM Software for International Real Estate

Search for a CRM software is a daunting task, especially if you need it to help you manage your Internal Real Estate business.  Masterdigm can help you manage your leads by country, by agent, i.e., however you need to segment your data.  Let…

Best CRM for Real Estate Agents. Agent CRM Considered Best

What is the best CRM for real estate agents? Well, there are various aspects to consider when determining what CRM is best for an agent. Most Real estate agents when considering a real estate CRM take a few best practices into consideration. …

Property Management Software inside Masterdigm CRM

roperty Management is an important task for real estate professionals.  Masterdigm CRM provides a property management module that allows companies to manage all of their real estate properties and quickly publish them to one or many websites…

Leads and Properties and Emails Properties

A very important aspect of a real estate listing software is to manage leads in your database and matches them to properties that meet their saved property searches.  For example, you speak with your client and they would like a 3 bedroom,…

Email Real Estate Newsletters built into Masterdigm

anaging your real estate database is crucial and using an email newsletter system is the lowest cost solution. Masterdigm email Newsletter system has the ability to send out auto-responders, email drip campaigns, and newsletters to…

Real Estate Company & Agent Websites. Search Engine Friendly!

Company and Agent Websites (Search Engine Optimized) Today, having just a website online for your company or business is not going to make it. Just a few years ago, brochure-type websites were the norm. This is not true today. Due to fierce…

What is the Best Commercial Real Estate Listing Software?

When considering what is the best commercial real estate listing software you first have to take an inventory on how you're currently doing business.  It is said that if you bring a "system" in place into a chaotic situation that is may create…

Automatic Email Drip Marketing Campaigns for Realtors

If you are a Realtor, you need to have some type of automatic email drip marketing campaign system.  The Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system offers the ability to have each and every lead be on an automatic email campaign.  In fact, each and…

What Real Estate Lead Management Software Should I Use?

Real estate lead management software allows you to manage your real estate leads.  What does this really mean to you?  If you have a real estate office or real estate agent, you typically will have potential customers contact you for one reason…

CRM Integrated with Ihomefinder IDX

If you are looking to integrate your ihomefinder IDX website with a real estate CRM, Masterdigm real estate crm has it finished.  Your leads will automatically flow into Masterdigm via the webservice of ihomefinder.  Interested in seeing this…

Customer Care

Real Estate Customer Care Contact Management Software Masterdigm CRM's Integrated Approach to Customer Care   here is a staggering significance to the quality of customer relations in a successful business. When the organization…

Targeted Real Estate Email Campaigns

Targeted Email Campaigns     An effective email campaign is one of the best secrets of successful internet marketing. In the past, business companies, small or large, would send newsletters and announcements through the post,…

How to Squeeze Every Lead Opportunity by Lead Management

In every business, there is always a strategy for keeping abreast with the competition, if not for ideally winning in the quest for getting the biggest market share. Real estate companies typically set up marketing plans to generate numerous…