Virtual Assistants that Know Masterdigm CRM

believe the best CRM system out there is one that allows the capability for someone else to manage it for you.  But before you let anyone manage your Masterdigm CRM system, you need to lay out the lead management workflow such as lead status,…

How to Manage Your Customer Relationships

uccessful busiesses understand the significance in building strong customer relationships. When an the organization knows how to explicitly value its clients, there is never a shortage of sales or revenues, especially because there is a constant…

How to Create Your Website Structure

hen creating a website, you need to first sit down and understand how the site will be laid out.  You can't expect to slap a website together and hope that it'll rank in the search engines.  When I refer to website structure, I also refer…

Real Estate Lead Management. Learn the Strategies.

How to Manage Leads in the Real Estate Sector     n the real estate industry, effective lead management continues to be one of the most sought after systems especially because it relies primarily on personal interaction…

Masterdigm Success Stories

MF Specialist   I wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to the Will2Design Team for an outstanding job done with my new website. As you know, I wanted to create a first-class website for real estate agents to visit and take…

Why Need a Real Estate CRM?

Why do Real Estate Brokers and or Agents need a Real Estate CRM? Today, it's imperative for Real Estate brokers and or agents to manage leads "effectively".  Per NAR,, etc, it is stated that potential home buyers are starting 6-9…
SEO concept

How to Make Pages Rank 1 in the Search Result

Today, if your web pages are not ranking on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs), then you might as well just be talking in a closet, because no one will hear you.  Ranking number one for a given keyword phrase is of the…