Which is the Best CRM for Your Company

he best CRM is typically the one someone else manages for you. The Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system has the ability to create various user roles (manager, agent, supervisor, assistant) that allow them to only access the data and/or…

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Masterdigm Masterdigm has created this privacy statement (‘Statement’) in order to demonstrate our commitment to customer privacy. Privacy on the web site (the ‘Site’) is of great importance…

What is Action Based Lead Communications

hat is action based lead communications?  In today’s environment, you must have each and every lead in your database connected, whether it is by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google Plus, as well as having them on email drip campaigns,…

Virtual Assistants that Know Masterdigm CRM

believe the best CRM system out there is one that allows the capability for someone else to manage it for you.  But before you let anyone manage your Masterdigm CRM system, you need to lay out the lead management workflow such as lead status,…

How to Manage Your Customer Relationships

uccessful busiesses understand the significance in building strong customer relationships. When an the organization knows how to explicitly value its clients, there is never a shortage of sales or revenues, especially because there is a constant…

Free Website Evaluation Limited Time Offer

  If you have a website with Masterdigm or you would like some feedback regarding your current website, it would be our pleasure to do so.  Simply fill out the form below and we will send you a 30 point review of your website Read Full…

How to Create Your Website Structure

hen creating a website, you need to first sit down and understand how the site will be laid out.  You can't expect to slap a website together and hope that it'll rank in the search engines.  When I refer to website structure, I also refer…

Proper Lead Trackings Results in More Closed Real Estate Deals

Broker and Real Estate Agents!  Lead tracking and Conversion takes more than just using Outlook or an Excel Document.   f you are a real estate agent or a broker looking to understand how to properly track and convert real estate…

Real Estate Lead Management. Learn the Strategies.

How to Manage Leads in the Real Estate Sector     n the real estate industry, effective lead management continues to be one of the most sought after systems especially because it relies primarily on personal interaction…

Masterdigm University Strategy Consultant

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization   The most obvious benefit of SEO is traffic. Without traffic, you don’t have anybody visiting your website to convert into buyers.     Search engine optimization is…

What is the Most Important Topic for You to Know Today?

I apologize for not reaching out sooner, but we have been hard at work here upgrading Masterdigm CRM platform.   Additionally we are working on a training for our Masterdigm CRM users where you’ll learn the ins-and-outs on using…

Masterdigm Success Stories

MF Specialist   I wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to the Will2Design Team for an outstanding job done with my new website. As you know, I wanted to create a first-class website for real estate agents to visit and take…

Why Need a Real Estate CRM?

Why do Real Estate Brokers and or Agents need a Real Estate CRM? Today, it's imperative for Real Estate brokers and or agents to manage leads "effectively".  Per NAR,, etc, it is stated that potential home buyers are starting 6-9…

Masterdigm CRM Terms of Use

Terms of Use   Will2Design / Masterdigm Privacy Policy Masterdigm has created this privacy statement ('Statement') in order to demonstrate our commitment to customer privacy.  Privacy on the website (the 'Site') is…
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Web Hosting Server -

Premier Web Hosting Services Provided by KnownHost   Will2Design/Masterdigm is proud to use for managing all of our servers!   KnownHost is proud to offer one of the premiere telecom buildings and critical…

Masterdigm Real Estate CRM Overview Webinar

MORNING DEMO Masterdigm CRM Overview Learn about Masterdigm CRM and how it can help you with your business. Register for a session now by clicking a date below: Thu,…

Masterdigm CRM Pricing

asterdigm real estate CRM pricing goes as low as $9.95 per user/month!  We have a tiered pricing structure for the CRM and for Websites depending on how many user seats and websites you need.  To learn more about Masterdigm CRM and its…

Best Business Contact Manager Software for Realtors

If your are wondering what the best business contact manager software for realtors is, then consider what is your main objective. What will help you determine your objective is how savvy you are in terms of technology.  Let's face it, if…

How to be the Best Real Estate Agent

Considering, "How to be the Best Real Estate Agent" ?  Well, the best real estate agent knows that their sphere of influence, i.e., friends and family is the first group of people to let know that they are in real estate.  But you have to…

President and Founder - William Jimenez

Information Mr. Jimenez has utilized his keen sense of design and passion for creative development over the past 20 years in a variety of projects. Sixteen of these years were spent while perfecting technology design for the semiconductor…
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How to Make Pages Rank 1 in the Search Result

Today, if your web pages are not ranking on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs), then you might as well just be talking in a closet, because no one will hear you.  Ranking number one for a given keyword phrase is of the…