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Turn Social Connections into Loyal Customers

“Sprout Social is a solid offering for the smaller brand or agency; it offers robust management tools, and it's still affordable” – Mashable “I am blown away by this tool. It makes it incredibily easy to manage my social interactions…

Learn What Twitter Services Have Been Made

I have created a list of Twitter apps below: 1.) TweetDeck:

Mastering Masterdigm and Internet Marketing

Masterdigm Overview [video_player type="embed" width="700" height="498" align="center" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="20"][/video_player] The Art of Lead Generation Masterdigm University The Masterdigm© CRM…

How to Use PLRs for Lead Capture and Home Buyer and Seller Education

Using Private Label Rights (PLR) to Generate Real Estate Business: rivate Label Right, commonly known to internet marketers as "PLR" is a great way to attract buyers and sellers to you. Millions of articles, "how to's" and other ebooks or…

Which is the Best CRM for Your Company

he best CRM is typically the one someone else manages for you. The Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system has the ability to create various user roles (manager, agent, supervisor, assistant) that allow them to only access the data and/or…

Multi-user User Account Management

Secured Multi-tiered, Multi-user User Account Management with Email and Calendar asterdigm Real Estate CRM offers the ability to create roles and permissions for people in your brokerage or agency.  Each manager, supervisor, real estate agent…

How You Can Use CRM Software to Achieve Real Estate Lead Management

he use of Real estate CRM software can be very important in promoting your company and giving it a new platform for communication. This is all part of real estate lead management. New entrants within the industry may find it rather intimidating…

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Masterdigm Masterdigm has created this privacy statement (‘Statement’) in order to demonstrate our commitment to customer privacy. Privacy on the web site (the ‘Site’) is of great importance…

Website Blogging

Website Blogging is Mandatory in the Real Estate Industry Today logging has become not only a mainstay for people interested in social media connections and networking, but it has also become an important feature to websites and search engine…

Lead Management is an Art Form and a Science

Masterdigm's Approach as a Lead Management Contact Management Tool o matter what the size of your business is, Lead Management remains an integral part in forming your revenues. Without proper lead management, your potential clients get lost…

CRM Solution for Brokers and Agents

A Real Estate Short Sale CRM Solution for Brokers and Agents anaging your real estate short sales is quite difficult if you are not using a Real Estate CRM contact Management software solution.  Within the real estate short sale CRM solution,…

Real Estate Contact Management System

real estate contact management system is a system to manage your real estate leads.  But it's even more than that today in that a true real estate contact management system offers email drip software, real estate property management system,…

Manage All Your Documents and Share Them with Your Organization.

Document Management built into Masterdigm CRM. Make Your Documents Public or Private. aving a paperless system does not necessarily imply that all your stored documents are in place and are well-organized. Document management is simply the…

Advantages and disadvantages of different real-estate CRM software

eal estate CRM software is used to help the agent manage all their contacts i.e. buyers and sellers. To an agent, relationships are the most important –art of their business, thus managing them properly is integral to their success. Proper…

Staying Competitive with Real Estate CRM Software

eal estate management software is the secret weapon wielded by each real estate agent. This is because the nature of the industry is such that it will never run out of revenue generating opportunities. The reality is that real estate is like…

Lead Management Work Flow Template for Real Estate Agents

Lead Management Strategies which Work A Realtor Lead Workflow Template that Works: have been a real estate broker for over 28 years and I can tell you what managing leads has been a struggle in the past.  I don't have issue now that…

Lead Share Amongst Your Organization with Roles and Permissions

Lead Share Amongst Your Organization with Roles and Permissions Lead Sharing: Track Your Leads Once You Share Them!   ead Sharing is an integral part in making your business tick. Why? Simply because working as one unified team enables…

The Service Element of Real Estate Internet Marketing

here is a difference between service and product delivery. That is why the people who are engaged in Real estate internet marketing ensure that they follow sound principles. IN particular they may install a Real Estate CRM protocol in order…

Real Estate Lead Generation: Lead Generation for Real Estate

onsidering the different methods for getting real estate lead generation, Masterdigm is a great choice as a lead generation system and repository for those leads you gain each day.   Masterdigm CRM has the ability to accept real estate buyer…

Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Capture Pages

Manage Your Website Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Capture Pages Masterdigm Real Estate CRM offers the ability to manage 100’s of landing pages.  This is useful for creating landing page A/B splits that help to test what keywords are…

Website Webform Generator

f you are looking for a simple web form generator, Masterdigm CRM offers the ability to create a web forms and tag it with the source, status, and type of lead it is.  When tagging the web form, an automated marketing campaign would be kicked…

What is Action Based Lead Communications

hat is action based lead communications?  In today’s environment, you must have each and every lead in your database connected, whether it is by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google Plus, as well as having them on email drip campaigns,…

Virtual Assistants that Know Masterdigm CRM

believe the best CRM system out there is one that allows the capability for someone else to manage it for you.  But before you let anyone manage your Masterdigm CRM system, you need to lay out the lead management workflow such as lead status,…

Best Solution for Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate CRM Software: Best Solution for Your Real Estate Business Real estate management software is essential for any real estate manager looking to get ahead in the industry. Given the dynamic nature of current real estate as well as the…

Craigslist Ad Maker

Many of those using free based advertising platforms choose Craigslist as their top choice.  Considering the amount of people who know about and use their services it’s a wise choice to advertise real estate listings or anything else on the…

Business Relationships and Real Estate Website Design Techniques

hen you are thinking about real estate website design, it is important to incorporate technology into your planning. For example you may decide that there are significant benefits that are associated with the use of contact management software.…

Real Estate Campaign Management

Campaign Management   The feature of Masterdigm CRM's Campaign Management tool gives you the ability to plan your marketing cost and manage your marketing campaigns while assessing the effectiveness of performance and analyzing the…

Choosing A CRM Solution Right for You!

Implementing Customer Relationship Management software could just be the answer to your business woes. If you are experiencing a slack in positive customer response and productivity, what you might need is sound software with effective application…

Mortgage CRM Software for Brokers and Agents

Looking for a Mortgage CRM Software for both Brokers and Agents? Start now!

Real Estate Property Management Software

n dealing with a real estate property management software application, it's important to understand your long term goal.  Due to the various real estate property management software applications in the market, you should have a list to determine…

Capture Website Leads Without Double Data Entry

he Masterdigm Real Estate CRM system offers the ability to add web forms throughout your site so that a lead can automatically flow into the CRM and kick off an assortment of campaigns. Each web form can be made to specifically address the…

Simultaneously Manage Several Real Estate Websites

f you are a broker and are looking to offer websites to your agents, Masterdigm CRM allows you to own and distribute these websites to your agents.  You have the ability to own several websites, one for each agent, and have each agent receive…

How to Search Engine Optimize My Real Estate Website

f you are considering to optimize your real estate website for search engines then you need to start at one primary point.  What point do I start at, you ask?  It is clear the most important first initial step is to have a full keyword breakdown…

Using Real Estate CRM to Improve on Profitability

In an industry like real estate, profitability of the company depends on the performance of the sales force with regards to real estate leads conversion. One of the major challenges faced by the real estate industry today is the independent…

Real Estate CRM -Web-Based Contact Management Software

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Real Estate CRM System There are several companies that sell contact relationship management systems (CRM systems).  But, not very many of these companies have developed their CRM system specifically…

How to Choose Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management software was first discovered by professionals in the service industry. Service providers recognized the need for a software system that would help them organize and manage their clients while providing adequate…

The Basics of Document Brand Management Solutions

Brand Management Solutions   usinesses, big or small, are perpetually endeavoring to establish brand loyalty nowadays. With increasingly competitive and fragmented marketplace, succeeding means reliability and consistency in conveying…

How to Lead Nurture with Email Marketing Campaigns

f you are interested in learning how to nurture your leads using email marketing campaigns, then its not that important exactly what you say, but more so on being consistent in sending out a periodic email. Masterdigm CRM offers the ability…

Lead Generation: How to do Online Lead Generation

nline lead generation can be easy if you follow some easy steps.  Of course you have to define if you want to pay for leads or get leads delivered to you via  organic means.  Lead generation thru organic means takes some work but the benefit…

QR Codes Attached to MLS Listings

R codes are such a popular solution these days for real estate agents who want to expose their property listings to the public in a mobile way. Home buyers can benefit from quick information about each property in ways not available only a short…

How to Manage Your Customer Relationships

uccessful busiesses understand the significance in building strong customer relationships. When an the organization knows how to explicitly value its clients, there is never a shortage of sales or revenues, especially because there is a constant…

Lead Generation and Lead Tracking Mindmap Seminar

n order to effectively work your leads, you have to understand how they were generated in the first place.   Leads are generated by using what is known as a "call to action" item on your website.  Depending on the number of call to actions…