Best Real Estate CRM Management Practices You Must Know!


To have the best Internet real estate CRM management practices, you must consider some very few important steps. The first, most important step is you must have a website, but not just a website, a website that is search engine friendly. Your website must be built from a search engine optimization perspective because without a well-developed lead generating platform the best CRM then is of no use. Once you have a well-defined website strategy utilizing a keyword structure, then you need to consider are the following:


1.)  On-page factors: On-page factors accounts approximately 20% for how your website and webpages are found on the Internet by search engines. Results can be much higher, if the searcher uses a long-tail keyword (such as an exact phrase or string of keywords that match), but the quality your content will determine how your website content will match the users search input. One of the most important on-page factors on your website pages are the webpage title tag and the H1 (heading) tag. Another very important factor is the internal link strategy utilized from within your website.  Masterdigm build a lot of internal links for you automatically, but you can also increase your search engine ranking by creating your own links within the content on each of your webpages.


2.)  Off-page factors: This is how links from other websites point to your website.  Off-page factors are important because it greatly increases your chance of being ranked by search engines.  There are several methods available to help you get other websites to link to your website.  Masterdigm can help you to create and manage these external links to your website.  But, we also have the knowledge to get you started building relationships with other websites that will like to your website. However, once you have a well-defined website strategy utilizing a keyword structure than the first things you need to consider or the following:


  • In today’s environment, if you don’t contact the lead whether it be by a phone call, an email, or a text message, the lead can turn cold, very quickly. When a lead comes into Masterdigm it will send out and email message and a text message to the person who has received the lead for follow-up in order to reduce any lag time between the lead entering the CRM system to the first follow-up contact.
  • Creating activities and to-do steps: Once the lead enters into the CRM, it should enter into a marketing email auto-response campaign. The marketing campaign should be able to create a calendar activities and tasks and kick off an automatic set of email marketing messages to the lead. Masterdigm Real Estate CRM has been designed with features, such as these, to help you get the most out of your lead generation and sales efforts.



3) Notifying clients about properties based on a client profile: A very important real estate practice should be to send out properties based on a client’s profile. Masterdigm CRM automatically sends out property email messages when a property reduces in price, increases in price, or changes status. This is a great way to keep yourself in front of your client.


The above steps are just a few of the basic steps that must be done to successfully utilize the Internet, yet many real estate agents don’t understand how to do them because it takes a system approach to do these systematic steps.


To learn more about what best practices you need to do with your real estate company, we encourage you to sign up for our 30 day trial and we will teach you what we have taught other successful clients.

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