Best Lead Generation Website Designs


When Discussing website design solutions for generating more leads one has to consider the following:


1.  Your messaging matters!  Be confident in what message you want to deliver so that the reader will fully understand your intent and purpose.  You will achieve a higher click thru rate by taking this approach.  Many people do not do any research in the area of keywords, website composition, website colors or the look and feel which will insure a higher capture rate and higher conversion.

2.  Do research and discover what your viewers or audience wants.  Do not assume.  Talk to current clients to discover your local market and what triggers a person to take action.  Once you do that part of the discovery, a great website can be built using all the elements that draw a client to you instead of pushing them to your competitor.

3.  Define your marketing strategy, upfront.  Create a flow chart of where you want your client to be when the decision process is being developed as related to your product or service offering.  Consider, squeeze pages or what some call landing pages to take the viewer to specific offers of choice.  Use the squeeze pages to do “split tests” to really define your core market objective.   Of course, we can help you do that.

4. Clearly define your “trust and value” proposition as it really matters.  What are you offering and why. Do you bring value and are you trusted.  How to do elevate your trust to the highest level.  Do you complete follow up calls to make sure your client is really satisfied with your website design, functions and features.

5. Do you have a plan to show your clients how to deliver leads in a system that can monitor them and help you move the client from start to finish with ease.  If not , you should.   Anyone can have leads but knowing what to do with them is something else.  So many people capture tons of lead but do not know what to do with them to convert  clients into satisfied, long term, happy clients.   The Masterdigm CRM platform is a great choice to make that happen.

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