What is the Best Commercial Real Estate Listing Software?


When considering what is the best commercial real estate listing software you first have to take an inventory on how you’re currently doing business.  It is said that if you bring a “system” in place into a chaotic situation that is may create more chaos.  So my suggestion is to fully document how you are doing real estate business today and map out the new methodology.  Then once done, you can consider what commercial real estate listing software is the best for “your” needs.

So in considering the real estate listing software of choice, you many want to consider a few attributes.  There are as follows:


1.) Does the commercial real estate listing software allow you to import properties from other platforms like postlets for example.  If you are already using postlets, then they do have an XML feed that can be fed into certain CRMs.

2.) Does the listing software allow your real estate agents the ability to view all properties in the CRM panel and password protect the properties on your website.  Sometimes you may not want your client base to see all your properties on the website.  Password protecting properties is a huge plus.

3.) Does the real estate listing software give you the ability to send commercial properties via an email alert? The system should allow you the ability automatically send out commercial properties to your client base if the property matches their saved profile.

These are just some aspects to a good commercial real estate listing software.  Masterdigm Real Estate CRM does the above and much more. Interested in a demo? Simply fill out the form below.

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