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Lead Generation Websites

hen one speaks of the concept of Lead Generating Websites they vision a site that can produce massive results in terms of quality leads no matter what the lead type.  Of course, everyone wants the best leads for the cheapest dollar per unit.  Of course that is difficult to achieve since most leads are either […]

Online Lead Generation Techniques

f you are looking for some online lead generation techniques that work, we have some that work perfectly in the Masterdigm CRM platform. The Masterdigm CRM  allows for you to capture leads from locations like facebook, blogging sites, wordpress sites, Joomla sites and even older sites that use generic html as their core. All you […]


Property Management Software inside Masterdigm CRM

roperty Management is an important task for real estate professionals.  Masterdigm CRM provides a property management module that allows companies to manage all of their real estate properties and quickly publish them to one or many websites simultaneously. Some of the features of the property management system include:   Automate lead notification through email when […]


Masterdigm CRM Terms of Use

Terms of Use   Will2Design / Masterdigm Privacy Policy Masterdigm has created this privacy statement (‘Statement’) in order to demonstrate our commitment to customer privacy.  Privacy on the Masterdigm.com website (the ‘Site’) is of great importance to us.  Because we gather important information from our visitors and customers, we have established this Statement as a […]

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Web Hosting Server – Knownhost.com

Premier Web Hosting Services Provided by KnownHost   Will2Design/Masterdigm is proud to use Knownhost.com for managing all of our servers!   KnownHost is proud to offer one of the premiere telecom buildings and critical data routing hubs in the Western United States. This powerful network features a BGP blended bandwidth solution that consists of seven […]


Email Real Estate Newsletters built into Masterdigm

anaging your real estate database is crucial and using an email newsletter system is the lowest cost solution. Masterdigm email Newsletter system has the ability to send out auto-responders, email drip campaigns, and newsletters to all of your leads.  The newsletters provide a professional and customer-focused approach, but also because they do not go out-dated […]

Contact Management Software for the Effective Realtor

Development of real estate management software has opened up a new dimension to property management. Not only has it made the property manager’s job easier, but it has also made them more efficient at their jobs.   Real estate management software helps the realtor take care of the four main areas of responsibility in property […]

Thank you for filling out the Survey

We have received your information and will be contacting you shortly.  All information provided to us is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with any person or company outside of Masterdigm.   Remember, Masterdigm is here for all of your Internet marketing needs.   Furthermore, if you haven’t joined our Masterdigm Social Network, please […]

CRM Integrated with Ihomefinder IDX

If you are looking to integrate your ihomefinder IDX website with a real estate CRM, Masterdigm real estate crm has it finished.  Your leads will automatically flow into Masterdigm via the webservice of ihomefinder.  Interested in seeing this in action?  Simply fill out the form below and help yourself manage your website leads.   {webform} […]

How to Integrate MLS into Your Website

Integrate your website with an XML or RETS property data feed!  – Wm Jimenez   If you are a real estate agent or broker, an MLS solution is mandatory on your website.  There are various ways to show an integrated MLS onto your website.  First, your MLS board might have a free IDX solution which […]

Customer Care

Real Estate Customer Care Contact Management Software Masterdigm CRM’s Integrated Approach to Customer Care   here is a staggering significance to the quality of customer relations in a successful business. When the organization knows how to explicitly value its clients, there is never a shortage of sales and revenues especially because new customers are regularly […]

Targeted Real Estate Email Campaigns

Targeted Email Campaigns     An effective email campaign is one of the best secrets of successful internet marketing. In the past, business companies, small or large, would send newsletters and announcements through the post, in the effort to advertise and generate more sales. This proved to be a largely expensive and labor intensive endeavor […]

Lead Generation Software

he fastest way to generate leads is thru a lead generation software.  There are paid versions of the software and no cost ways to generate leads thru the use of software. Whatever your case, Masterdigm CRM has a solution for you.  We offer a way for you to generate web forms which can be copied […]


Email Campaign | How to Highly Target Your Email Drip Campaigns

An effective email campaign is one of the best secrets of successful Internet marketing. In the past, businesses, small or large, would send newsletters and announcements through the postal service in the effort to advertize and generate more sales. This proved to be a largely expensive and labor intensive endeavor at a time when communication […]


REST Compliant XML Programming with Masterdigm CRM

If you have many lead sources that you are working with and you need them entered automatically into your real estate CRM, then consider Masterdigm’s REST compliant XML schema. You can find the service for the import here: https://www.masterdigm.com/webservice/import/file Please review our XML schema: https://www.masterdigm.com/api/doc/ Please contact us for further details.  Thank you.


President and Founder – William Jimenez

Information Mr. Jimenez has utilized his keen sense of design and passion for creative development over the past 20 years in a variety of projects. Sixteen of these years were spent while perfecting technology design for the semiconductor giant, Rockwell Semiconductor. As one of the company’s top engineers, Mr. Jimenez was a key contributor to […]