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Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Each month, many Realtors get tons of emails letting them know about new or even old lead generation and lead capture ideas. Of course, many are for sale and can cost a ton of money in the long run without results.  Determining some lead capture ideas that work can be a daunting task.  To ease […]

On-demand CRM Video Help Series

he Masterdigm CRM platform provides a lot of features and functionality to help you run your business.  Masterdigm is easy to use, but every now and then you may need some additional help immediately.  It is for this reason that Masterdigm provides you with on-demand video training and help.  You can learn the Masterdigm CRM […]

Use of Lead Management Software for Real Estate Companies

n understanding of lead management software for real estate companies will be critical for improving the business prospects of any establishment within the industry. In particular the effective use of Contact Management Software might represent the final link that is required in order to increase the profitability of any establishment. Connections are important both in […]

Data Management with Real Estate Office Software

One of the tangible benefits associated with the implementation of real estate office software is the ability to engage in meaningful data management. This does not mean that you have to spend time collecting meaningless statistics. Rather it refers to how real estate internet marketing is supported using accurate information and the scientific method. The […]

Best Lead Generation Website Designs

hen Discussing website design solutions for generating more leads one has to consider the following:   1.  Your messaging matters!  Be confident in what message you want to deliver so that the reader will fully understand your intent and purpose.  You will achieve a higher click thru rate by taking this approach.  Many people do […]

Real Estate CRM Reviews

Real Estate CRM Reviews… What to consider when choosing a Real Estate CRM REAL ESTATE CRM REVIEWS eal Estate CRM Reviews:  When reviewing a Real estate CRM company, there are a few very fundamental aspects to be considered.  Here is a brief excerpt in my opinion as to what is most important:     1.) […]

Lead Generation Techniques using Craigslist

Lead Generation Techniques using Craigslist and Google Hangouts for Realtors et’s keep this information easy and quick.  Here are some good ways to use craigslist and other systems to get you up and running in your quest to lead capture  buyers and sellers in 2013. 1.  Use Google plus and the hub for buyers and […]

How to use a CRM website template

The Framework for Real Estate Lead Management: How to use a CRM website template he fundamentals of real estate lead management do not change a lot over time. In fact you could argue that this is one of the most dynamic industries but with some basic principles. These can be encapsulated into an overreaching CRM […]


Real Estate Lead Management. Learn the Strategies.

How to Manage Leads in the Real Estate Sector     n the real estate industry, effective lead management continues to be one of the most sought after systems especially because it relies primarily on personal interaction with potential clients. Initially, lead management begins with lead generation and moves on to segregating qualified leads, converting […]

Web-based Real Estate CRM Marketing Platform

Masterdigm CRM’s Integrated Approach to Internet Marketing Indeed it has been proven time and again, that effective marketing is one sure fire way to boost sales performance and revenues. Sales and marketing go hand in hand simply because most companies rely on excellent marketing to generate greater sales. Although marketing is in itself an expensive […]

QR Codes in Real Estate Marketing 2014

Here are the top 5 ways to use QR Codes in real estate marketing in 2013: 1.   Make sure you website pages have QR codes tied to those pages. One little known technique is to use a QR Code Generator and have an assistant create unique QR Codes for each specific article you complete.  You […]

Masterdigm University Strategy Consultant

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization   The most obvious benefit of SEO is traffic. Without traffic, you don’t have anybody visiting your website to convert into buyers.     Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to create targeted traffic for your website. There are many ways to generate traffic, but often […]

How to Guide in QR Codes for Real Estate

QR Codes in Real Estate. A How to Guide in QR Codes for Real Estate QR Codes are easy to use in 2013.   The steps are rather simple and when you understand how to apply them for your business and personal life you will discover that they are very beneficial.    Here are some easy steps […]

Real Estate Best Practices using a CRM

Best Practices The onset of CRM services in recent years has brought about the realization that CRM deployment is definitely a key element in organizational success. Studies show that the companies who have integrated CRM solutions into their systems are succeeding in their marketing goals. This confirms that the usefulness of a CRM is not […]

What Application Solutions Does Masterdigm Have for Generating Sales?

Masterdigm CRM’s approach to lead management gives value to sales leads, before anything else. Sales leads are of major importance because it is essentially the lifeblood of any company. Without sales leads, there will be no opportunity for revenues and company growth. From lead generation and lead incubation to conversion, sharing, and management, Masterdigm CRM […]

Real Estate Management System Management Software for Real Estate

Real Estate Management System for lead Generation and Property Management. Should you been looking for a real estate management system for lead generation and property management, Masterdigm may be the choice for you.  Individuals, small business and larger firms often need a reliable solution to manage real estate leads and real estate properties, together. This […]


Why Need a Real Estate CRM?

Why do Real Estate Brokers and or Agents need a Real Estate CRM? Today, it’s imperative for Real Estate brokers and or agents to manage leads “effectively”.  Per NAR, Realtor.com, etc, it is stated that potential home buyers are starting 6-9 months on the web searching for properties before purchasing.  If this is true, then […]

The Customers Using Web Based CRM Software

The Management of Real Estate Agency Customers Using Web-based CRM Software usiness management models always talk about the need to have customers at the forefront of using web based CRM software. Nevertheless many organizations including estate agents are using a CRM website template without necessarily understanding how it all fits into their customer care strategy. […]