Advantages and disadvantages of different real-estate CRM software


Real estate CRM software is used to help the agent manage all their contacts i.e. buyers and sellers. To an agent, relationships are the most important –art of their business, thus managing them properly is integral to their success. Proper real estate leadsmanagement can lead to increased business sales thanks to increased operational efficiency, leads generation, management and conversion.

Contact management software is used in every industry that employs service providers. The typical CRM software that is used facilitates compilation of client histories, e-mail templates and auto-responders. While this may be efficient for some industries, the realty industry requires more detailed contact management software.

Real estate CRM software

There ismuch different real estate management software in the market that offers a variety of solutions to the property manager. While choosing which system to employ the real estate manager needs to take into consideration the company’s position, its growth possibilities as well as its strategic position.

Different types of CRM for real estate

The different real estate CRM software packages on the market can be categorized into two groups; web based CRM software and PC based CRM.

–          Web-based CRM software

Under this category the real estate management software applications are hosted on an online server. It may thus be referred to as on-demand SaaS(software as a service) and falls under the commercial category of software. The advantage of this software is that the applications available to the user are virtually limitless. There are frequent application updates made by a team of dedicated software developers. These services are available from anywhere since they are hosted online; all a real estate manager needs to do to access their lead management software application is log onto an internet enabled computer


The main disadvantage of this software type is its price, given its nature, it’s quite costly. Furthermore the costs are incremental in nature i.e. the more users there are for web based CRM software the more expensive the licensing contract will be. Another key disadvantage is in terms of security. All the company’s information is hosted on an online server. Therefore, despite the security precautions put in place, sensitive information such as an agents real estate leads can be accessed by anyone with enough determination.


–          PC based CRM for real estate

With PC based systems, the software is hosted on the organization’s PC. It is also referred to as on-premise CRM and is a commercial real estate CRM software package. The main advantage of this software is its security. Since it’s installed on the company’s servers the manager can personally manage the security clearance of all sensitive information.


Compared to the previous CRM software package PC based software is cheaper. However, this affordability comes with its limitations. Firstly they are not as many applications available to on-premise CRM software users as there are for SaaS users. Secondly lead time for this software is greater than that for web based software. Despite all this though the real estate manager does not have to pay further licensing costs after installation. Thus PC based customer relationship management software can be used by multiple users as the company expands.

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