Activity Management: Manage all your leads and activities

Masterdigm CRM’s activity management tool keeps a detailed record of all activities done by both client and company members and facilitates the collaboration of all individual users to achieve one common goal. Management will be able to track down tasks, access customer response and requests, and clearly see what each team member is doing and where he is currently on with assigned duties. This tool will enable top management users to have full control of the company’s sales force.

Activity management is a great addition to Masterdigm CRM’s productivity tools because it boasts of a fully automated storing and tracking process with a large storage capability. All customer-related activities will then be entered and accumulated in one central information database, enabling chronological recording.

Masterdigm CRM allows users to be constantly in touch with one another for faster communication and interaction. The best part of the activity management tool lies in its innate ability to monitor customer and agent relations which can alternately be used for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improving customer service. It can also be used to implement new tasks and strategies throughout the organization.

Customer contact maintains a crucial role in any sales oriented company and Masterdigm CRM’s activity management tool helps managers oversee the methods used such as creating and sending proposals, newsletters, and email campaigns. Customer response to such marketing efforts are also recorded, allowing managers to determine the weak points in the marketing process and immediately resolving the setbacks.


Masterdigm’s approach as a Activity Management Tool


activity tracking

Activity Tracking & Collaboration

With activity tracking and collaboration, your agents can now work together more productively resulting in enhanced customer service and increased customer satisfaction. Monitoring tasks you assigned to your agents will no longer be cumbersome as you will have in-depth visibility on all their activities. Implementing new tasks, setting up meetings or appointments and creating activity templates for frequent assignments can also be done swiftly and easily.

report generation

Report Generation

With Masterdigm CRM’s activity management tool, you can draw up regular activity reports that will furnish you with a summary of all activities within a given period of time. Doing this will enable you to monitor all company activities, evaluate agent performance, pinpoint the weak strategies, and measure customer response for a drastically improved system. Any specific metric you would want to generate can be customized into the details, for a more targeted report.



As a manager, you will be able to set up reminders of pending task deadlines and upcoming appointments that can be seen by all users, schedule tasks for everybody, and publish calendars of general company events and activities. The activity management tool’s scheduling application is also for personal use and functions like a daily, weekly, or monthly planner.

team roles

Team Roles

For a company with a widespread organizational chart, the manager can create a team and designate members to be part of the team. You can form as many teams as you want, and have the option to assign as many team members as you need in a team. This will widely discourage confusion of roles in the organization, as every team member will have his own part to play. Permission to access certain files and information can also be granted, according to the level of security you would like a team member to have.

real-time alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Audio alert is an important feature of the activity management tool because it serves as a critical reminder for upcoming business meetings and other crucial events. Real-time alerts can be automated to sound off at the specified time, much like an alarm clock would do when set. Users can use this application to make sure nothing is missed!

activity history

Activity History

With the activity history feature, you can be confident that all records of activities are kept in a chronological manner. From the date a certain task is implemented to the execution and completion of task, every single detail is stored in the database. Pending activities are also accounted for as well as customer and team member interaction. The archive can be accessed anytime by the manager or any authorized user.