Masterdigm is a web-based contact management software for the Real Estate CRM software industry.  The product developed by Will2Design is to capture and manage real estate and mortgage leads generated by a company's website.  Historically, Will2Design was founded with the intent to develop websites that would provide an eye-catching, professional image combined with the capability to be easily found using Internet search engines.  Now called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the effort to maintain a company's website presence at the top of an Internet search is a constant challenge.  This requires companies to continuously refresh their websites in order to keep their content from seeming stale by Internet search engines, such as Google and Bing, who are also trying to position themselves as the provider of the freshest, most relevant content that will help potential consumers to make the best decisions. (Si usted está buscando para la versión en español, haga clic aquí para  CRM Inmobiliario.)

Today, having a professional-looking website static content will not bring a company to the top of an Internet search for long.  Therefore, companies need to be able to more efficiently and effectively manage their company website, but with less expense.  With this need to constantly manage a company's website in order to maintain its Internet search engine ranking as well as the need to continuously nurture and manage leads, Will2Design's Masterdigm product was conceived.

Today, Masterdigm provides an enterprise-wide set of features and functionality to better manage Internet opportunities for small and large companies.  The list of capabilities below highlights the continuously growing list of business-focused functionality.

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A Real Estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) system made by the real estate and mortgage professionals!

There are three main challenges for the real estate and mortgage related industry on the Internet today.

The first challenge for companies is to be able to draw attention to your website and perk the user's interest in contacting you. (See for developing a real estate website that delivers high-ranking search engine results and real estate lead generation.)

The second challenge for real estate companies is to capture the contact information after a potential client contacts you through your website. This is where Masterdigm CRM for excels and becomes crucial to the real estate industry.

The third challenge for real estate companies is to effectively and efficiently nurture your leads and convert them to paying clients. Then you want to maintain your clients for the next real estate opportunity. Masterdigm Real Estate CRM helps you to manage, communicate, convert, and maintain real estate leads to valuable long-term real estate clients.

Masterdigm ( Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system and Will2Design ( are focused on delivering custom high-end websites designed and search engine optimized (SEO) to generate business leads tied to a web-based business system. This unique software system combines the ability to manage websites and control content along with the power of lead management, the necessity of customer relationship management, plus customer project management, marketing campaign management, and a document management system, all in one software product - called Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate.

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Web-based, Enterprise-wide Real Estate CRM Combined with SEO Websites. Utilizing the Internet for Business Profitability has Several Challenges: Website Look and Feel, Website Content, Website Search Engine Optimization, Lead Attention, Lead Generation and Capture, Lead Management, Lead Nurturing, Lead Marketing and Drip Campaigns, and Lead Closure, Lead Retention.

The key questions to ask yourself to understand why Masterdigm CRM software program for real estate is the Internet-based software solution for you:

How quickly can new real estate leads find your company's website(s) on the Internet?

When a lead contacts you via the Internet, Email, or phone, how do you collect and manage that lead to your benefit?

How do you make sure that you respond to a real estate lead quickly enough before they go somewhere else?

If you are a real estate company with several agents, how do you make sure your real estate agents and support staff are effectively and efficiently managing those leads?

After first contact with a real estate lead, what do you do to nurture and convert that lead to a paying client?

After you have successfully converted and satisfied your client, how do you keep your company in the forefront of their minds for referrals and repeat business?

Masterdigm Real Estate CRM, Customer Relationship Management Internet-based software system, is truly most complete and the "easiest" to use CRM software in the real estate marketplace. Lead Tracking, Lead Conversion and Search Engine Ranking methods have never been so easy when using the Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate system.

In the past just having a website could generate your real estate business a great deal of Internet traffic or potential leads. Today, this is not the case. The ability to get your business in front of your potential clients has become an art and science. Not only do you have to have a high search engine ranking to be the top three websites listed when your real estate customers search for you, you have to also be present and involved in several Internet-based business and social networks such as, Reddit,, Technorati, Active Rain, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. In addition to search engine optimization (SEO) and participating in business and social networks, there are other Internet marketing mechanisms that keep you visible to your real estate clients such as pay per click and cost per impression advertising that must be reckoned with.

Masterdigm Real Estate CRM offers predesigned, customizable websites that are highly compelling to your real estate leads, because the sites are designed with SEO in mind. When you tie your Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate system to a Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate customized website you are combining the best in website presence and lead capture with lead management, lead incubation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion. Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate is also able to manage multiple websites and the leads from those websites.

Lead generation and conversion is only the first step in the business experience with the client. You have to be able to match your ability to capture and convert a lead with your ability to satisfy and maintain a client. For this reason, Masterdigm CRM for Real Estate adds the capabilities of Document Management, Property Management, Project Management, Customer Communications, and Agent/Assistant Management.Feel free to call and test the system. You'll find out what others are learning.


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