A Real Estate CRM for Professionals!

A Contact Relationship Management (CRM) software is one piece of the large Internet Lead Management puzzle!

Well first of all, Masterdigm is not just a real estate CRM, but a philosophy of lead generation and management! After all, there are so many CRM’s, real estate websites designers, etc. that are now making up the landscape. Basically everyone is a Jack of all trades but Master of none! Masterdigm CRM changes that Paradigm! Masterdigm is a fully featured CRM with WordPress Integrated websites, Property Management within the CRM, etc. You can even share leads within the platform and outside your accounts. This is a great way to get referral dollars because the lead you share to other’s are tracked throughout the CRM!

By now, you must either have a real estate CRM, or getting out of one! Let us work with you to teach you how to “manage” a database! You are probably a fantastic Realtor with a lot of knowledge but as you know, “database” managing is a pain! Now, not only is it a pain, but you know it’s also the MOST important aspect for your business moving forward! So, our philosophy is to take you to a Level 3-Silver trained CRM manager and then hand it off to a Virtual Assistant that we employ. No… you don’t need to pay hundreds per month for their help. How about 1,2,5,12 hours per week. Your choice!


My name is William, the President of Masterdigm and I have learned through many thousands of hours of studying real estate CRM principles, such as, Lead generation, Lead Incubation, Lead Conversion principles that it is an Art and a Science! Lead generation and conversion is NOT easy! So.. what is the answer to this very important aspect of a Realtors business? Well, contact me and it’ll be my pleasure to share what I have learned and continue to learn.

Our price points are simple! And we Never ask for a contract. No need! If a CRM provider has a great product, why hold someone to a contract?

Masterdigm real estate CRM is truly a “Quality” CRM and Website platform! Ask us regarding our HTML5 WordPress based Websites! We’ll explain why our websites are better than the rest in terms of search engine ranking!

Ready to start? Simply fill out our 14 day trial link with your email! The rest will be a guided process to financial success!

Is it time to have Your Real Estate website Connected to Your Real Estate CRM?

Absolutely! A site that is not connected to the CRM is only half of your digital efforts. Introducing Masterdigm! Masterdigm is a complete SaaS platform.(You can be anywhere) It allows you to manage your website via the CRM., manage properties, Leads, Emails and more! Never a Contract! We are confident you will like what you see!

Looking for a new website?

We make them! HTML5, Retina ready, Responsive theme WordPress sites. The site is also fed properties from the CRM. We work to build the nicest ones with SEO in mind. Let’s talk! You can dominate your geolocation!

Real Estate Broker?

We made this Masterdigm system specifically for you!  Imagine sharing leads with your team and NEVER losing site of it!  Make sure all your leads are on a campaign and a follow up step.

Real Estate Agent?

Masterdigm is Perfect for you!  With out quality price per user seat, it’s the perfect system to help start up your Real Estate business.  Yes, it should be handled like a “Real Estate Business”.

Mortgage Professional?

Are you a mortgage loan officer, mortgage banker who is looking to partner with an Agent to help share leads and marketing costs?  You’ve come to the right place.

Our Satisfied Clients

Some of our very satisfied clients who avail our services